How Much Do You Know About Wolves?

There are tons of people who know all about wolves. To become an expert you would have to study very hard, and try you're best at everything. After all, to be a wolf expert is a great job!

Are YOU an expert on wolves? Do you have the quality to know all about them, and their habitats and packs? Take this quiz to find out what you really know about wolves!

Created by: wolfie451

  1. What are the ranks of a wolf pack (highest to lowest)?
  2. How many teeth does the healthy adult wolf have?
  3. What is the wolf's diet?
  4. How large can a wolf pack's territory be?
  5. How much kHz does a wolf have?
  6. Do we need wolves to survive?
  7. What are 2 of the subspecies of the Grey Wolf?
  8. How can wolves tell what another wolf is feeling?
  9. Where do wolves have perspiration (sweat) glands?
  10. How much bite force does the adult male wolf have? (psi)
  11. How far away can a wolf smell their prey?
  12. Do wolves have night vision?
  13. What range of color do wolves see in?
  14. How many wolves are in a wolf pack?
  15. How much does a wolf pup weigh at birth?
  16. How many pups can be in a litter?
  17. When do a wolf pup's eyes start changing color from blue to green, yellow, grey, or green
  18. What are the wolves that mate?
  19. Is the entire pack responsible for the young (pups)?
  20. How fast can wolves run up to?
  21. How long do wolves usually live in the wild?
  22. How long do wolves usually live in captivity?
  23. How many Red Wolves are out in the wild today?
  24. What is the closest related domestic dog to the wolf?
  25. What color can grey wolves be?

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