How much do you know about wolves (improved)

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The wolf is an member of the wild canine family, and live on all continents except Australia and Antartica. They hunt meat and live in packs (some are dispersal, formly lone wolves). Some people in the world have a good knowledge on wolves, and know nearly all the facts about them, but the question is, How much do YOU know?

Are you an expert, and know much about the domestic dogs wolf ancestor? By taking this accurate quiz, you will soon be able to find out if you have a knowledge on wolves!

Created by: OmegaWolf

  1. How tall is a wolf up to the shoulder?
  2. How tall is a wolf up to the shoulder?
  3. What is the average female weight?
  4. What is the average male weight?
  5. What is the minimum and maximum lifespan of a wild gray wolf?
  6. How many teeth does an adult wolf have?
  7. How long is the wolf Gestation period? (Pregnancy time length)
  8. Who many pups can a female have?
  9. How much do the pups weigh at birth?
  10. How fast do wolves travel (walk)?
  11. How fast are wolves when they sprint?
  12. How large is a wolves pack territory size in alaska and canada?
  13. What is the common food source of a wolf?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about wolves (improved)