Do you know wolves

There are those who know wolves, those who hunt wolves and those who are wolves... at heart. I am one of them. This quiz will show you how much you know about wolves.

Do you know wolves? If you do then good for you... if you 100% this quiz. If you don't... go see how well you know them anyway. Warning: there are trick question. Read Carefully.

Created by: Ryan

  1. Are wolves always agresive?
  2. Are wolves omnivores?
  3. How many species of wolves are there?
  4. How don't wolves hunt?
  5. how many wolves can there be in a pack?
  6. How many wolves are there left in the world as of 2006?
  7. What is the minimum age for wolf pups to leave the pack of their birth?
  8. True or False there can be only a alpha male.
  9. Why do wolves howl at the moon?
  10. How do young wolves determine who is the top in their age group?

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