What Shifter are you?

There are tons of Shifter species, and all of them are unique. So are people, but there are certain types. Each species has its own Shifter Sub-Culture.

If you want to know what Shifter you are, there is now a way! This quiz will give you a brief idea of how you fit in with the Wolves and other Shifters. Fun Fact: Not many other species like the wolves!

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your default attitude?
  2. Best place to live is...
  3. The best way to spend your night off is...
  4. What is the most important to you?
  5. Favorite genre of music.
  6. What I value most in a mate is...
  7. What bothers you the most?
  8. A recently unemployed friend needs help you...
  9. Your friends are trying to get you to go on a roller-coaster even though you're terrified of them. you...
  10. Do you prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces or open ones.

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Quiz topic: What Shifter am I?