How much you know about Gray Wolves?

Wolves are animals that can live in forests and snowlands that far from human life. Somehow, some people have been attracted to wolves and want to know them much.

Are you one of those people? The people who liked the wolves. If you do, maybe you should try this quiz that will test you your knowledge about gray wolves. Easy? No... Hard? Not too.... So just take on!

Created by: Matmail

  1. What is the binomial name of gray wolf?
  2. What is the current conservation status of gray wolf?
  3. What is the kingdom of gray wolf?
  4. What is the phylum of gray wolf?
  5. What is the class of gray wolf?
  6. What is the order of gray wolf?
  7. What is the family of gray wolf?
  8. What is the tribe of gray wolf?
  9. Which one of the following is the other name of gray wolf?
  10. Where do gray wolves commonly be found?
  11. How much do male gray wolves weigh?
  12. How much do female gray wolves weigh?
  13. What does protect the gray wolves body or skin?
  14. According to MSW3, how many sub-species available for wolves?
  15. How are black wolves being born?
  16. Why do wolves can overcome deep snows?
  17. Which one of this doesn't differ female wolves and male wolves?
  18. Which one of these is a characteristic of wolves' head?
  19. How much pressure do wolves' jaws crushing give?
  20. When do wolves raise their head?
  21. On average, how big will be the length of adult wolves?
  22. What is the characteristic of wolves' fur?
  23. Which part of wolves' body mostly covered by it's fur?
  24. Which one of these isn't wolves behavior?
  25. Which one of these isn't one way the wolves defend their territory?

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