Test you knowledge on Gray Wolves

A lot of people know a ton about Gray Wolves. Do you know anyone that does? Who knows, you might be an expert on Gray Wolf biology. Take this test to help you find out!

Are YOU a Gray Wolf expert? Do You have the brains of a biologist on Gray Wolves? Take this test and you will find out if you have the knowledge of becoming a Gray Wolf researcher!

Created by: Abbey

  1. What color can the fur coat of a Gray Wolf range from?
  2. What is the maximum psi force of the full-grown adult Gray Wolf?
  3. Gray Wolves are part of what family?
  4. List the rankings of a wolf pack from oldest (highest) to lowest (youngest).
  5. What is a group of wolves called that live together and help hunt?
  6. How many olfactory cells does the Gray Wolf have?
  7. What is the gestation period of a female Gray Wolf?
  8. What is the mortality rate for a wolf pup?
  9. How many teeth do Gray Wolves have?
  10. How many Gray Wolves are left in the wild?
  11. In the wild, how many years can Gray Wolves live up to?
  12. In captivity, how many years can the average Gray Wolf live up to?
  13. How fast do Gray Wolves run at hunting speed?
  14. What year were wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park and Idaho?
  15. In the winter, does the Gray Wolf's tail keep their face warm?
  16. How do Gray Wolves communicate?
  17. How many true species of Wolves are their on Earth?
  18. When to Gray Wolves mate?

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