Test your knowledge on wolves (hard test)

There are many people that know tons of stuff about wolves. There are tons of people who know lots and lots of fact and information about wolves, you might be one of them!

Do YOU know tons of things about wolves? Are you someone that studies and loves them a ton? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about wolves!

Created by: wolfie451

  1. What is the wolf's gestation period? (pregnancy time)
  2. What is the part of a wolf's eye that reflects light to make their eyes glow?
  3. How many olfactory cells does the wolf pose upwards at?
  4. How much kHz can the wolf hear up to?
  5. What is the maximum psi pressure (bite force) of an adult male wolf?
  6. Do wolves chew their food?
  7. How many smelling cells does a wolf have?
  8. How many teeth does the healthy adult wolf have?
  9. What is the mortality rate for a wolf pup?
  10. What is the scientific name for Gray Wolf?
  11. What is the scientific name for the prehistoric Dire Wolf?
  12. What is the scientific name for Maned Wolf?
  13. What is the scientific name for Red Wolf?
  14. How many true species of wolves are in the world?
  15. How many recognized sub species of the Gray Wolf are in North America?
  16. How many sub species of the Gray Wolf are in this world?
  17. Are wolves' front paws bigger than their hind paws?
  18. What is the average weight of the adult male wolf?
  19. What is the average weight of the female adult wolf? (in pounds for this question and question 18 also)
  20. In the winter, does the wolf's tail keep their face warm?
  21. Did you like this test/quiz? (will not affect on your answer)

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Quiz topic: Test my knowledge on wolves (hard test)