Think YOU know Shakira?

There are a lot of people who think they know a lot about celebrities.But I 'm gonna test you on your knowledge about the hip busting,belly dancing,Latino Queen SHAKIRA!Are you ready?

Do YOU know Shakira?Ha,well yes,you can say you do but that dont mean anything.Test your knowledge on her and see if you pass my hard quiz!I made sure to make this quiz as hard as I could....well maybe I could've made it harder....But whatever,go ahead!

Created by: Kyra

  1. When was Shakira born?
  2. Where is Shakira from?
  3. Shakira's birth name is...?
  4. Shakira founded what Foundation?
  5. What's Shakira's nickname?
  6. How tall do you think Shakira is?
  7. What does Shakira usually go on stage without?
  8. Is Shakira the youngest,oldest or middle child of how many kids?
  9. What are Shakira's favorite sports?
  10. Her what kind of pets does Shakira have?
  11. What are their names?
  12. Early on in her career,Shakira became interested in the music of her Arabic ancestry,and began to practice which form of dance.On which she became famous for including in her preformances?
  13. Lastly,what does Shakira's name mean?

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