which kind of kid are u?

There are many theories that the birth order influences the personality,for example would a first born deal with issues such as friendship, love and work in an whole other way then the middleborn, I thought that I would try using those differnences in this quiz.

You do maybe belive that you already know if you are the only child, or the youngest child or whatever. But there is a possibility that your mother did it with an other guy and that you accually have a older brother out there somewhere, you can never be sure. Right? thats why I created this quiz, for all you unsure brothers and sisters out there. This is youre chans!

Created by: ThaFat
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if are divided into groups in school and is suppose to solve a problem with them u are the one who:
  2. Theres a new guy in your class, you:
  3. What would u like to do for a living when u grow up?
  4. What is ure most common feeling
  5. Are there many pictures of u in the familly photo album?
  6. is your best friend a:
  7. two people start a fight in school/at work, you:
  8. If u come home and tell your parent of something that happened during th day, thyey often:
  9. in my spare time, I like to:
  10. A great fear of yours is:

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