What kind of politic are you?

What kind of politic are you? Are you the donkey or the elephant, You LOVE the earth and think evrything in its sacred, or is god the only rhing that is?

Sometimes its hard to figure out which politicial party you are, but with this quiz, you find out in a blink of an eye! Its a fun way to find out which kind of politicial person you may be and hell, maybee you'll be one good (or bad) of a president someday.

Created by: Raychel-Laurene
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  1. Do you suport the war in iraq?
  2. Why are we in war with Iraq.
  3. Does the bush spit on the constitution?
  4. Who gave iraq their weapons.
  5. How is the war in Iraq going?
  6. Are we fallowing our consitution in Iraq right now, and not using cruel and unusual punishments?
  7. Should we make fun of our curent president without getting arested?
  8. do you see the glass half empty, or half full?
  9. Should Gays have rights?
  10. Can a woman get an abortion?

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Quiz topic: What kind of politic am I?