How kind are you?

You may have been called kind, but just how kind? Kindness is important, right? Everyone should have a heart of gold and a sense of right from wrong. Now you can see how kind you really are!

Do YOU have what it takes to be considered kind? You could only wonder before now, but thanks to this quiz you can tell! This is just one persons views on kindness, DON'T TAKE ANYTHING TOO PERSONALLY!

Created by: Anika Jones
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  1. How often do you volunteer?
  2. Do you often do things out of the kindness of your heart, not expecting anything in return?
  3. Do you like doing a good job on everything?
  4. Have you ever made fun of someone because a friend didn't like them? Be honest!
  5. Have you ever physically hurt someone or something for pleasure?
  6. Do you often spread rumors?
  7. Do you threaten people to get your way?
  8. Have you gone out with someone just to make someone else jealous?
  9. Do you treat animals and other things with respect?
  10. True or False: Every one is created equal no matter how they look.

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Quiz topic: How kind am I?