What kind of Mom are you?

Most of us can get pregnant but it takes a special woman to be a mom. We are faced with the challenges of raising children every day. And not usually rewarded or even recognized for it.

So what KIND of mom are YOU? Are you a So/So mom? Or A Super mom? Or an average mom? Maybe you are just "mom". Whichever kind of mom you are, know that you are appreciated. Take this short little quiz and see what kind of mom are you?

Created by: Rebecca
  1. The baby is fussing. You're taking too long in the bathroom, but you aren't done. You:
  2. You need a break, You:
  3. Bath Time. You:
  4. Time for dinner. You are making one thing and your picky toddler won't eat what you have made. You:
  5. Grocery Store Time. You can't get Grandma to keep the kids. You:
  6. Your son/daughter asks you for some juice. But you are busy. You:
  7. Bed time usually consists of what activities?
  8. Daddy Time. You:
  9. Your child(ren)'s schedule is:
  10. Do you feel you are a better mom than your mom?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Mom am I?