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Family topics certainly make for some interesting quizzes. What is your place in your own family? Mom, dad, brother, sister... give our family quizzes a try and see what results you get. How do you fit in? What will your kids be like? Our clever quiz makers have answers.


Our Family Quizzes

  • The Black Sheep: Does My Family Hate Me?
    [by: Amy, rated: rated: 3.61/5, published: Aug 1, 2014]

    Family can be a positive experience in a person's life. It's where we learn to build relationships and respond to others as well as learn skills. on the other…

  • What type of wife are you?
    [by: Mon, rated: rated: 3.35/5, published: Sep 25, 2007]

    There are a lot of married people. People in committed realationships. Etc. Ever wonder what type of wife you are? Confused as to what you should be doing?

  • How many children will you have?
    [by: Kevin, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Nov 10, 2013]

    I have always wondered why a person has so few children or why they have so many children. This quiz determines exactly that, but about you. It all depends…

  • Is Your Child Responsible And Mature Enough To Babysit?
    [by: Ashley Bagley Swango, rated: rated: 3.15/5, published: Nov 8, 2019]

    Take a walk-through of a realistic babysitting scenario. How would you handle these situations?

  • What Kind of Grandma Are You?
    [by: Kathy, rated: rated: 3.05/5, published: Aug 9, 2007]

    Are you old-fashioned or a hip granny? Find out your grandma type.

  • What will your future kids look like?
    [by: Spicetown09, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Feb 10, 2009]

    Every person on this planet has a fairytale in a story that best represents them. What is yours, please take this quiz and find out. Remember be…

Babies Quizzes

  • Are You Ready to Have a Child Quiz
    [by: Ann Meredith, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: May 8, 2011]

    I interviewed hundreds of women and men to determine how people decide to have a child, and created this online quiz based on my findings.

  • Is my baby suffering from acid reflux.
    [by: Reflux Rebels, rated: rated: 3.7/5, published: Jan 31, 2010]

    How do I know if my baby has acid reflux? And if he/she does, what do I do about it? Take this quiz to help you answer those questions and figure out if your…

  • Cloth Diapering Personality Quiz
    [by: Grace Jones, rated: rated: 3.49/5, published: Jan 24, 2011]

    When it comes to cloth diapering, the options can be really confusing! It is overwhelming to look at all the different options, and so many people have great…

  • Are you ready to have a baby?
    [by: jessica, rated: rated: 3.38/5, published: May 26, 2007]

    Planning to have a baby is a BIG deal. You and your life will change dramatically when your baby arrives. It is almost impossible to predict who will be ok…

  • Does my baby have MSPI?
    [by: Reflux Rebels, rated: rated: 2.94/5, published: Feb 1, 2010]

    Does your baby have trouble digesting the proteins in dairy and/or soy? Is your babies reflux a symptom of a dairy/soy intolerance? Take this quiz to find out…

Parenting Quizzes

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Pregnancy Quizzes

  • Descubre si estas embarazada
    [by: Lizbelle, rated: rated: 2.97/5, published: May 30, 2008]

    Descubre si estas embarazadas, al inicio del embarazo se pueden sentir muchos cambios y muchos de ellos estan en este test, descubre si puedes estarlo o…

  • How much do you really know about pregnancy?
    [by: Sharon, rated: rated: 2.74/5, published: Aug 14, 2009]

    As an obstetrical nurse, I deal with alot of pregnant woman. Many of them do not understand even a few of the basics of pregnancy. I have composed a quiz to…

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