What type of Mother-In-Law do you have?

What kind of Mother-In-Law do you have? This is for the wives only! Are you treated the way you think you should be by you husbands mother? Does she think you are the right match for her son? Is she one you could be friends with or someone you want to avoid?

I created this quiz after a fight with my mother-in-law. The fight isn't over and i can't do much about it, so i have figured away of venting. So if you are having the MIL (Mother-in-Law) problem take my quiz, it is based on real events of my experiences with my MIL.

Created by: Jamie
  1. When you first told her you were engaged, how did she react?
  2. While you were planning your wedding, how much help did she offer?
  3. When you bought your first house, What was he reaction?
  4. When you plan get-togethers, parties, or Holiday events, She?
  5. When you find out you are going to be parents, She?
  6. When the baby finally gets here, She?
  7. When you have a disareement, how does she handle how YOU feel?
  8. This disagreements you have with your husband, about his mother end up in him saying?
  9. Which one do you think she is?
  10. If you were to get a divorce and there were children involved what would she do?

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Quiz topic: What type of Mother-In-Law do I have?