What Kind Of Mother Are You

Mother, Momma, Mommy...or that woman who raised me. All terms we use to refer to our mothers. Some believe it's nurturing that shapes our personalities and our character. Others believe it's all already there in our genetics. What do you think?

How would ou define 'Mother'? A woman who conceives and gives birth to a child? Black and white. Or is it more than bringing another life into this world? What drives you in Motherhood? Is it a job, or a privelage? Take the quiz, and see where you fall.

Created by: Kayli
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  1. It's 6:30 am on your day off. Your little on comes to you and asks for a snack. You:
  2. You spend the morning cleaning the kitchen; sweeping, mopping, sanitizing counter-tops. Your little one accidentaly spills the whole jug of red koolaid on the floor 15 minutes after you'd gotten done. You:
  3. It's just you and your little angel this Friday night. You had no plans, but you girls call you up and tell you about the hot spot club that offering dollar drinks and free admission for all hot ladies! You know your in-laws aren't busy. You:
  4. Baby is sick today, you have a vacation day waiting for you, but you were hoping to save it for a trip to the blowout sale at Sephora next week. You:
  5. Lately things have been crazy and hectic. You notice that your little one has been more crabby than usual. You:
  6. Being a Mother is pretty much like being a babysitter.
  7. It's your child's birthday! You choose to:
  8. Your friend believes that home-school is the best way to keep her child safe and provide a quality education at the same time. You secretly think:
  9. Do you believe in the emergency contraceptive pill?
  10. When you see the words below, which one of them means the most to you?

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