Are You the Perfect Mother?

Are you the perfect mother sweet, jolly and hardworking or are you like a sour lemon. Find out in this total truthful quiz. From dishing up dinners to reading your children a goodnight story, find out if your hard work has paid off.

Find out all you wanted to know, if your the perfect mother. This quiz tells the truth about your motherhood. Remember the quiz never lies. Anyhow enjoy the quiz and tell this website if you like it.

Created by: connie
  1. How many children do you have?
  2. It is dinner time what do you give your children to eat?
  3. What time do you get your children to bed?
  4. It's your child's birthday, what sort of cake do you give them?
  5. What sort of presents did you get your children for their birthdays?
  6. A family outing means?
  7. When you go out do you?
  8. The family holiday is?
  9. Are your children good at making friends?
  10. Which is more important to your children?
  11. When they are older your children want to be?
  12. Your children are mostly?
  13. Are your children a healthy weight?

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Quiz topic: Am I the Perfect Mother?