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  • Right on! One search on Google &am p; your quiz was the 1st to appear. I read &am p; answered each question &am p; I felt as if you had a video camera on during my marriage &am p; my intrusive MONSTER-IN-LAW. (Per my quiz score) I truthfully answered each question, there was no 50/50 guess made here. Also, I did not have to say, let me think about this for a minute, each question had a crystal clear answer.

    Unfortunately, I can see from your quiz, you stated you have had a falling out &am p; your quiz clearly displays it.

    Anyone that can say anything negative about your quiz really has not experienced those scenarios &am p;

    If/when they do, they will thank you for shedding light on these bad behaviors. I compliment you &am p; wanted to formally say "thank you" for writing this quiz &am p; reminding me, I'm not alone.

  • This quiz was written by someone who has already labeled his or her mother in law a "monster-in-law" and it's written for people who feel the same about theirs to remind them of what they already know. I don't have the closest of relationship's with my mother in law, but I certainly don't consider her a monster. So for me this quiz 'shed light on' nothing, except that the creator is very bitter and that that attitude is reflected in the answer choices.

  • this is the worst quiz ever,all questions did not give you a choice to really choose a good answer,all answers to answer sucked,nothing related to me or the relationship with mil.my result was she replace my mother dead or alive,REALLY?my mother in law is a bipolar trouble maker and could never replace my loving wonderful mother who was my best friend and a wonderful grandma.

  • I hope that you went back to your mother in law to try to work things out or talked to your husband about this. I hope he supported you.

  • :)


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