Mother-in-Law Types: Which One Is Yours?

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Meeting and getting along with in-laws is one of the biggest concerns when relationships start to get serious. How are they like? Will they like me? Some of us hit the jackpot with caring and amazing mothers-in-law, while others? Well, not so much… There's the "Jackpot" mother-in-law but here's also the "Drama Queen", the "Jealous", the "Mama's Knows Best" and the "Neglectful".

These are the types of mothers-in-law and some scream trouble and drama which can truly affect your relationship with your partner: see here if you can recognize yours:

Created by: SalineLongReel
  1. Let’s get started. First: what’s your relationship like with your mother-in-law?
  2. If you would to describe your mother-in-law in one word, which would it be?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about your mother-in-law?
  4. And your least favorite thing?
  5. What’s your mother-in-law to you?
  6. What’s your partner’s relationship like with their mother?
  7. What was your mother-in-law reaction when your partner found his own place?
  8. How did your first meeting with your mother-in-law go?
  9. How did your mother-in-law act during your wedding?
  10. Did you and your partner ever fought about your mother-in-law?
  11. What happens whenever your mother-in-law comes over to your place?
  12. You and your partner want to wait and save money before having kids. What’s your mother-in-law reaction?
  13. Your first child is born. What’s your mother-in-law reaction?
  14. What’s your mother-in-law relationship with your kids?
  15. You’ve planned a family trip: you, your partner and the kids. It’s non-refundable. Your mother-in-law calls and says she wants to have you over for lunch. How it goes?

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Quiz topic: Mother-in-Law Types: Which One Is mys?