Is s/he a narcissist?

We all sometimes stumble into the clutches of a crazy person. Although there are many types of such people to avoid, narcissism is one of the trickiest to spot. Often you aren't aware until you're deeply infatuated that something is off-balance in this relationship. The narcissist can be charming.

Take this quiz to figure out whether the seeming care is a seductive manipulation tactic, designed to deceive you into thinking he cares about you as much about him. The questions are based on Dr. Nina Brown's work.

Created by: Rose

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  1. Does your partner look to you to meet his or her needs? (an exception would be in the case of disability or clear, negotiated agreement that involves a fair exchange)
  2. Does she expect you to know what she expects, desires, and needs without her having to ask for it?
  3. Does he perceive you to be critical or blaming and get overly upset about it?
  4. Does she expect you to put her needs before your own?
  5. Does he seek attention in indirect ways?
  6. Does she expect you to openly admire her?
  7. Does he act in a childish way, emotionally, when upset: e.g., sulks or pouts.
  8. Does she accuse you of being insensitive or uncaring, without cause or notice?
  9. Does he find fault in all of your friends?
  10. Does she become angry when challenged, even when she is confronted in a non-angry fashion?
  11. Does he not seem to recognize your feelings, either what they are or that they exist?
  12. Does she use your disclosures, your intimacies or admissions, to criticize, blame, invalidate or discount you?
  13. Is he controlling? Does he prefer to be in control so much that he will assume control without permission or consent?
  14. Does she lie, distort and/or mislead you or others?
  15. Is she competitive? Will she use any means to get what she wants?
  16. Does he have an attitude of superiority?
  17. Is she contemptuous of you and others?
  18. Is he arrogant?
  19. Is she envious of others?
  20. Is he self-centered and self-absorbed?
  21. Does she have to be the center of attention?
  22. Does she act impulsively and/or engage in reckless activities?
  23. Does he boast and brag?
  24. Is s/he insensitive to your needs?
  25. Does she make fun of others� mistakes in a mean-spirited way? Does she find joy in others' faults?
  26. Does he engage in seductive behavior? Does he try to win people over, seemingly just to see if he can?
  27. Is she vengeful? Does she take revenge in big or little ways?
  28. Does he or she expects favors, but not return them? Does s/he take and not give?

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