How much do you know about wolves?

This test is all about wolves! It will tell you the right answer, when you got an answer wrong, to show you what they are all about! Also, remember to make sure you're answers are right, and check them over before you move on to the next question.

Take this test, and see if you know a lot about wolves! It is OK if you score not so well. Just try better next time you take this test. And you will know what the right answers are for a hint!

Created by: abbey

  1. What is about the adult male wolf's maximum psi pressure?
  2. How big can a wolf pack's territory be?
  3. How much kHz does a wolf have?
  4. About how many wolves are in a single wolf pack (family)?
  5. What color can Grey Wolves be?
  6. How many teeth does the healthy adult wolf have?
  7. How can wolves tell what another wolf is feeling?
  8. Do wolves have night vision?
  9. What are the rankings (mother, father, children, aunts, and uncles, ect.) of a wolf pack?
  10. When do wolves howl?
  11. How fast can a wolf run up to?
  12. What is the closest relative to the wolf?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about wolves?