Your Wolf Life Part 2

So, to recap, you were just told by the alpha that you have been chosen to join a team of wolves trying to find The Frost Diamond. If you don't, you and the rest of the mountain pack will be destroyed. You leave tomorrow. No pressure then! Please comment and rate and thanks for taking it! Enjoy!

Created by: HugsAndKisses
  1. Recap! You have just been told by the alpha that you have been chosen to join the top-secret group of spys to get the Frost Diamond and save the mountain pack. Remember? Let's go then!
  2. You wake up to the sound of the wind blowing. It's obviously very early in the morning "Finally! Your awake!" Said a voice which made you jump. Standing behind you was a female wolf with a beautiful pure white coat. "I'm Snowflake. I'll be travelling with you." "Travelling with me?" you asked. Then you remembered what you had been told yesterday by the alpha. "You mean on the misson?" You said. "Don't worry! It'll be fine! I've been on many missions before this and they turned out just fine." You shivered a bit, realizing how windy and cold it was. Snowflake started to speak again. "Come on, we should really hurry. Everyone left ages ago." You hate being late so you and Snowflake started to leave. You took one last look at your pack, knowing that it might be the last time you ever see them again. You could feel tears building up inside you, but you only just held them back. You whispered "Goodbye." To yourself and left the mountain pack.
  3. You had never been this far away from the pack before. It felt so strange. It looked just like where you where staying yet it looked so empty and different. You and Snowflake didn't talk to eachother except when she asked if you where ok. The wind was getting calmer as you got lower down the mountain. It seemed strangly quiet without the whistling noise it made. "Ok," Started Snowflake. "So, to get where we think The Frost Diamond is, we need to travel through the snow packs territory for a bit. Are you sure you can do this?" Wow. first you get told you have to go on a mission to save your pack and now you have to go into the snow packs territory? You think about what happened to every other wolf that dared to go in there uninvited and cringe. You take a deep breath and...
  4. "I'll be fine." You reply. "That's what I like to hear!" She said with a huge grin on her face. "Now, we're going to have to be as quiet as possible if we don't want to get caught." You nodded. You asked about how you can get rid of your scent. She replied with "The wolves in the snow pack have an amazing nose. I doubt it's even possible to get closer than 5 metres to them with out being sniffed out so we'll just have to hope we don't get to close to one." That just made you feel 10 times worse than you did before you asked. You looked at each other and nodded. It was time for the real adventure to begin!
  5. As you take your first step out of the mountain pack territory, you felt a strange emptiness inside of you, as if someone had taken everything important to you and replaced it with air. You were ever so hungry now to. You felt like you wanted to just give up but something inside of you was telling you not to, like a a fire burning strong. Every minute seemed like an hour and it kept getting worse. It was just starting to get dark.
  6. After a few more tiring hours of walking, it was pitch black. The only light was the full moon that was floating in the sky. You started to feel a little dizzy, but that didn't stop you. The night brought only darkness and bitter cold to your journey. You started to feel even more dizzy. Suddenly, all you could see was black.
  7. You woke up. You find some fierce looking members of the snow pack standing round you, trapping you. You look around for a while. You see another wolf heading towards you. It's Icefang. "What should we do with it Icefang?" Asked one wolf? Icefang was about to reply but stopped to think. "I would normally say torture it then take it to the prisons, but why not have a little fun today. Kill it!" The wolves started grinning and closing in on you. "_______? _______? Can you hear me? ________?" It was Snowflakes voice. You were so cunfused. "Snowflake?!? You shouted. You felt so relieved. "Where are you Snowflake? I can't see you! Snowflake?" Suddenly, everything went blurry...
  9. So, did you like it? I know it didn't have much action in it. I'll try get some in it next time!
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz! If you have any ideas for the story or have any character ideas, put them in the comments and I'll use the ones I like. Look out for part 3!
  11. Also, one more thing, could you comment and rate? Pretty please?

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