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  • You make me sad, that cliffhanger ruined everything... WHERES PART 3

    Dragonzzz Feb 15 '15, 3:36PM
  • Wheres Part 3 DX

    Dragonzzz Feb 15 '15, 3:35PM
  • You should make the Alpha female of the Snow pack. Name: Snowball.

    horse20024 Dec 5 '13, 9:01PM
  • You're welcome!! Glad you liked him! ^.^

    Flight Sep 18 '12, 3:48PM
  • I like Bay! I think I'll use that. Thanks!

    HugsAndKisses Sep 18 '12, 11:18AM
  • And I have a very sketchy idea for the story!! Are you going to make _____ have a love interest? Just wondering... :p

    Flight Sep 17 '12, 5:27PM
  • WAIT!!! I HAVE ONE MORE!!! I GOT CUT OFF AGAIN!!! >:( *grumbles to self* stupid 2,000 character limit... >.<
    Okay, sorry. One more to go! ^.^

    Name: Bay
    Gender: male
    Pack: mountain
    Appearanc e: Good-sized he-wolf with dark brown fur and black markings; dark gray eyes.
    Personality: Bay is patient and keeps his wits in battle; he is good-natured and is sort of like a "gentle giant." XD He loves to swim. (there are places to swim, right? :p)

    Whoa. I just realized these are the longest comments I've ever written... *.* Haha, the discriptions kept getting longer and longer now that I look back on them once they're actually posted. XP Well, hope you liked the characters! It's okay if you don't want to use any of them. Thanx again! :D

    Flight Sep 17 '12, 5:25PM
  • Oh whoops! DaughterOfApollo posted her comment while I was writing mine, so cross off the "first comment" on mine, sorry! XD
    ANYWHO. MY previous comment exceeded the 2,000 character limit (-.-lll) so here's the rest!

    (Glow, continued)
    Appeara nce: ...... *are* filled with light (hence her name), especially when the sun hits at the right angle.
    Personality: Shy and easily overlooked, she has much potential to be a hunter or tracker because of her small, light build, but others in her pack tease her because of her size, her inability to excel in fighting, and her timidness.She was born into the snow pack, after Icefang took over and culled out the wolves he didn't want, so she wasn't thrown out, but she often wishes she could go and join the mountain pack because they seem so much fairer.
    (I forgot to list her pack earlier, but I think the last sentence in her personality cleared things up; she's in snow. :))

    Name: Vulpine (pronounced "Vul-PINE, like the tree; it means "like a fox." ^.^)
    Gender: female
    Pack: snow
    Appearance: Vulpine has lush, red-gold fur like a fox's (hence her name) and emerald eyes. These unusual colorings make her popular in the snow pack. She is slender and very finely built, but is large for a female in stature.
    Personali ty: Her imposing physical appearance has intimidated many foes, but she has a heart of gold, one of the few (I am assuming?) among the snow pack. She is quite fearless, and very strategic and clever, like a fox (again, reflecting on her name. :p). She has led many missions and is a seasoned fighter; she has always followed her leader's orders without question, but recently she's started having her doubts. She has noticed how other wolves are treating the smaller or weaker wolves, like Glow, and this angers her (she is one of the only wolves who respects Glow.) She has been secretly watching the mountain pack, not for information for Icefang, or to do harm, but out of personal curiosity. (hint, hint. :p)

    Flight Sep 17 '12, 5:16PM
  • Yay, first comment! XD Lol, okay. This part was great! Just one thing: could you take things a little bit slower and make it a bit longer, too? Thanx! Oh, and I have lots of charries for you, if you like! ^.^
    Name: Ivy
    Gender: female
    Pack: preferably mountain, but hey, you're the writer!
    Appearance : thick, beautiful silvery-light-brown fur and delicate green eyes.
    Personality: Calm, extremely loyal, and fiercely protective of her loved ones. Versatile hunter.

    Name: Winter
    Gender: female
    Pack: probably mountain, but again, up to you!
    Appearance: Pure, bright white fur with black-gray ear tips and lower half of tail. (think: white paintbrush dipped in black; btw, are there even white paintbrushes? Sorry, off topic XD) Pretty, dark amber eyes.
    Personality: Gentle, serene, and sensitive; excels in tracking due to her unusually sharp sensitivity.

    Nam e: Shadowstrike
    Gende r: male
    Pack: snow, but you can change it if you want.
    Appearance: dark coal gray, almost black fur with a notched right ear from a scar that never healed properly. (you can make up a meaningful history about this if you want.) Dark yellow eyes.
    Personality: Mostly solitary; has no real friends in his pack. He likes to keep to himself, and is considered a "mystery." However, he is often chosen for spy missions because of his natural stealth and silence.

    Name: Skystreak
    Gender: male
    Pack: preferably mountain. :)
    Appearance: Big, perfectly proportioned, well-muscled wolf with reddish, tawny fur marked with brown. Honey-brown eyes.
    Personality: he's more a ladies' man, if you will... ;) However, his first priority will always be his pack, and he is a strong follower of the alpha, always having his best interests at heart. He's funny and loves to joke around with his many friends, but when it's time to do his job, he's dead serious.

    Name: Glow
    Gender: female
    Appearance: relatively small, petite she-wolf with dusky, creamy brown fur and wide, fawn-brown eyes that seem like they a

    Flight Sep 17 '12, 4:50PM
  • It was good. A little short, but good :). I'll keep an eye out for part 3.

    DaughterOfApollo Sep 17 '12, 4:39PM

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