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  • "You should talk to your parents about it and see if they can take you to a doctor and ask them. None of us are going to know what you have, ..."
  • Hey I need help
    "Like everyone else has said: you should tell your parents how you feel. Hopefully they’ll listen and maybe y’all can compromise and say that"
  • "So basically, what I have learned is that I’m still an a--hole to my further self"
  • "I’ve just started my 6th page break on page 72. I think the longest section is 22 pages long"
  • "I’m not even numbering the chapters lol I’m just inserting a page break when I feel like I should start a new section"
  • "I think when I finally finish this, I’m going to print it all out and throw it in the fire"
  • "Oh wait, the very first paragraph is cringe too lol"
  • "It also doesn’t help that I have no one to read this story because my best friend is busy with school and work, and my other friend that I s"
  • "Which basically means that I’m just giving myself more work in the future"
  • "So I’m at the point where I’m just word vomiting and not being satisfied with the wording, but still writing it because I know that I’m goin"
  • "I currently have 70 pages of this book that I’m writing and the first 50 pages I’m somewhat satisfied with the wording since it’s a first dr"
  • An Odd Political View
    "Me. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I’m Libertarian"
  • "Ahhh gotcha. I forgot about that"
  • "Wait, but that doesn’t mean that Democrats have control of the senate, right? Because it’s split right down the middle? So it’s more like no"
  • "It has, but you never know. I think I took like a four year break and then was like “oh yeah, whatever happened to that one online place tha"

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