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  • Old English
    "Damn, I really thought that y'all would've been speaking in Old English, and my little English major heart got excited to practice. But t..."
  • Important.
    "But yes. You are welcome everyone! Remember to wash your hands"
  • Important.
    "Lol not for a very long time if ever"
  • Important.
    "😮Wow, I honestly can't believe you remember my name, Rosio~ even though it's been a good while"
  • Important.
    "No one's in world war three"
  • Important.
    "Symptoms are a fever and having difficulty breathing or coughing a lot. It originated in Wuhan, China and is now being spread to other parts..."
  • Is anybody here!!!!
    "Honestly, Geek does have a point in saying that we're older and it might be more beneficial for you to talk to someone your age that's also ..."
  • Is anybody here!!!!
    "Hmm yeah, those can be real annoyances. Every time I had a big paper due or an exam I would have a panic attack and either curl up with a bl..."
  • Is anybody here!!!!
    "No problem! Was there something that set you off that you want to talk about?"
  • Is anybody here!!!!
    "As someone who has anxiety, I just want to let you know that I do care and you're not alone. Anxiety and depression f---ing suck and you're ..."
  • "Honestly, I don't think it's too much. Look at how far apart each thread has been posted in. At least someone is actually keeping the forums..."
  • "I really liked the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (and the Heroes of Olympus series), and so I was like "if I was a half-blood, which ..."
  • My Thread!! :)
    "What is a discord? I don't have any social media, if that's what that is BUT LIKE HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?? Did you go to China?"
  • My Thread!! :)
  • This happened
    "I'm surprised he got through it with a straight face"

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