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  • trump
    "With Trump banning trans people in the military, I’m going to try to explain that and hopefully I’ll be able to get my point across. So, whe"
  • "While the sperm and egg are both living cells before conception, they do not have their own independent life because they have your DNA. Onc..."
  • trump
    "I don’t even know where to start cause y’all sent so much lol so if I do miss something, please point it out so I can address it. "
  • trump
    "*calling it the “Chinese Virus” would be more racist... sorry, I forgot a word"
  • trump
    "Also, take your time with gathering the quotes because I probably won’t immediately respond since I will be at work all week and might not h"
  • trump
    "https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dsTEuLumU6U "
  • trump
    "How are they misled though? And who said I’m voting for him? Granted, I probably will because I think he’s better than Biden, "
  • "Oh yeah, I’ve had a few dogs that go for the flies. I think that’s a common thing that they do"
  • "This was October: "
  • "She was probably hunting crickets, which is why she’s not looking at the camera. She loved pouncing on the crickets in the backyard and w"
  • "This was her as a puppy and also me when I was 12, which you can ignore "
  • "Yeah it is. But she’s kind of stubborn, so she just kept pushing herself to her limit. And I think now it just finally hit her that she can’"
  • "Yeah, she’s old and sassy. And not really. She never really liked to play with toys, she just liked to take them and guard them, but she wou"
  • "Here she is with a stuffed bear: "
  • trump
    "He was the first president to go into office supporting the lgbtq+ community, so how is he homophobif and transphobic? And how is he racist?..."

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