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  • Abortion.
    "I’m pro-life. I’ve made a whole thread about this a while back if y’all want to go find it and read it. But basically, I’m pro-life because "
  • ELM vs. BLM
    "I would argue that Native Americans have been targeted more and are often so overlooked by the general public and are by far the most unrepr..."
  • i'm curious,,
    "The name amatheystshine seems really familiar to me but not the other one"
  • "I wear a mask as much as I can. I’m required to wear one at work, but I always have one on in stores. However, if I’m out walking or hiking,"
  • "But like on an unrelated note, I got a free hotdog, and the guy spelled my name right, so today hasn’t been all bad."
  • "Thank you I’m definitely feeling a lot better. I’ve basically told everyone at work because I don’t have a problem with tellin"
  • "Case has been escalated to corporate, so I probably won’t hear back from them till tomorrow because they’re in another time zone. "
  • "Thank you And yeah, I’m actually kind of surprised because again, he’s the only maintenance guy we have and he’s been working "
  • "They said they should have a solution by the end of the day, so that’s good. And the assistant general store manager and general store manag"
  • "Told my manager and then she told me to write an email to HR, so just got done with that. Stay tuned to find out what happens next, y’all"
  • "Definitely feel nervous about reporting him though. I think because my instinct is to just ignore what happen, which is why I immediately te..."
  • "And I told one of my coworkers last night (she’s been here for about 5 years, so she knows him better) about what happened and she was like "
  • "Yeah, I was planning on telling my manager today (she was off yesterday when I happened), but again, I don’t think they’re really going to d"
  • "And because he’s our only maintenance guy, I highly doubt that they’re going to do something about it, but I would at least like them to tak"
  • "So, I was in the basement/warehouse grabbing some stuff to put out on the floor (as I do), and I was on the ground because the bottom shelf ..."

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