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  • "I think she’s probably interested, but is scared to get hurt again. You said that she just got out of a really bad relationship, so that is "
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "Then to the tattoo studio to get scratched by a bunch of needles we go!"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "Yes you can! As long as you’re 18+"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "But I’m also not going to be back for at least a year and the tattoo is for my siblings, so it’d be nice to have while I’m overseas"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "I think I’m more worried about the cleanliness aspect of a plane and worried if I get an infection or something because once when I get to m"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "You see, I don’t think it will. The last tattoo I got was on the back of my arm, and I got that two days before making a three day road trip"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "I’ll just bring paper towels and buy a bottle of water at the airport to take with me so I can clean the tattoo mid flight and I’ll make sur"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "Yeah, I think I’m gonna do it"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "I don’t know you either, but hi. I tend to make last minute decisions like this and then go “wtf is wrong with me??” As I’m doing said decis"
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "I mean, I probably am, but the tattoo is only going to be about 3x3inches big and I am like 99% sure that I’m going to be upgrading my seat "
  • Yall am I crazy?
    "For wanting to get a tattoo on my back a week before getting on a 14 hour plane ride?"
  • "You should talk to your parents about it and see if they can take you to a doctor and ask them. None of us are going to know what you have, ..."
  • Hey I need help
    "Like everyone else has said: you should tell your parents how you feel. Hopefully they’ll listen and maybe y’all can compromise and say that"
  • My writing has taken a turn
    "So basically, what I have learned is that I’m still an a--hole to my further self"
  • My writing has taken a turn
    "I’ve just started my 6th page break on page 72. I think the longest section is 22 pages long"

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