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  • "I really liked the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (and the Heroes of Olympus series), and so I was like "if I was a half-blood, which ..."
  • My Thread!! :)
    "What is a discord? I don't have any social media, if that's what that is BUT LIKE HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?? Did you go to China?"
  • My Thread!! :)
  • This happened
    "I'm surprised he got through it with a straight face"
  • My Thread!! :)
    "Oooo sounds like fun! When do you leave for it? In the summer? Lol thank you thank you. I've been in college since I was 16, a"
  • My Thread!! :)
    "That's good!! Going abroad is going to be awesome, trust me! What made you choose China? I have been a mess lol I graduate in "
  • My Thread!! :)
    "Lol right??!! We need notifications. But it's okay, we'll just have conversations hours apart. How have you been??"
  • "I think it was always considered that once when you've been here a year then you're no longer considered new"
  • My Thread!! :)
  • Yo peoples
    "I got 0%. Which is funny considering that I'm actually 100% white"
  • 2019 Time Capsule
    "I'm just posting this so that way my presence will be known Hi"
  • Can I have some advice?
    "Bruh, I feel you on this. I'm almost 22 and have never really had a real boyfriend and I too feel like I'm ready for a relationship, but eve..."
  • "But I'm allergic :("
  • Hello everyone~
    "Yeah, I understand that. I used to be bad at it too, but after studying literature, the grammar jut kind of followed naturally. Also, I thin..."
  • Hello everyone~
    "I think I want to try to be an editor for a year or so, but ultimately I want to teach English as a second language. Do you kn"

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