The Cursed One (part 6)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Well, this is a pretty long part and it explains that "something else" that I know you have all been dying to know what it is.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! Please take my new series called "Something Weird." I hope you guys enjoy this part and thanks for taking it. ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "I know that I'm dying but I'm not gonna break the spell to save myself and let other people die." I told them.  "We know that but-." Jason started.  "No. There are no 'but's' about it." I interrupted and then we all became silent.   I guess now would be a good time to explain what just happened, so here it goes: 
  2. Four months ago, we were loosing the battle, badly. Gaea kept on killing demigods and we were almost finished. So, Jason, Percy, and I came up with an idea that we could use a spell so that way when someone died, they would come back to life refreshed and ready. No one would have any memory that they died, not even the person who actually died. No one except for us three. We knew that when we made this spell that only one of us would carry the burden of having our energy drained from us to give the demigod who died to come back new again. I convinced them that since I have the stronger spirit, that I should be the one that the spell affected. They reluctantly agreed and we made the spell. We made it only to wear off when we defeated Gaea. It sounded like a pretty good plan until the end of last month when I started coughing. As we soon figured out, coughing was a side-effect of the spell that you were dying. It also said that if the person who used the spell died, then the spell would wear off before the specific time when it was suppose to stop. We later realized that whenever I used my powers, I start dying a little faster, so I try to use it only when I have to. Which is why I told Annabeth and Alaina that it was a bad idea to send Jason, Percy, and I in separate directions. This spell makes me extremely tired and weak. 
  3. I coughed again.  "How many times did you use your powers today?" Percy asked me.  "I don't know. Three or four times." I replied.  "Alright. Just try and get some sleep." Jason told me and I didn't protest as I collapsed on the dirt floor and fell asleep.  I had a peaceful sleep and I was awoken when someone elbowed me on my side. I looked around and noticed that Jason, Percy, and I were in Gaea's thrown room. We were on our knees and our hands were tied behind our backs. I was in the middle with Jason on the left side of me and Percy on the right.  "Were you asleep this whole time?" Jason whispered to me.  "Honestly, I thought I was still asleep on the cell floor. This thing is getting bad fast." I replied and he nodded his head.  Gaea was talking about something that I'm pretty sure I missed all of it. I started to doze off again.  "Megan! Wake up! Am I really getting that boring that you started to fall asleep?" Gaea demanded.  "Apparently." I sarcastically replied.  "Well, then. Let's just make you more awake." Gaea said and then nodded to the guard behind me.  He lifted me up and walked me in front of Gaea. She examined me and a smirk crossed her face.  "A little tired now, aren't we? I guess yesterday was really difficult." Gaea told me, "How about you and I fight? You can use your powers and I'll use mine." She declared and then the guard untied my hands and took the chain off of me.  I coughed once and then dodged Gaea's attempt to stab my stomach. 
  4. "Why don't you use your powers, Cursed One?" Gaea asked me as she threw a boulder at my head. I ducked out of the way.  "Because it's cheating." I said the first thing that came to mind.  "Well then, I guess I'm a cheater." She said and then made the ground under me shift and I fell.  She came over to me and pulled me up by my arm.  "Well, Megan, I must say that I am really surprised that this was easy. I expected a much tougher fight, especially from you." She told me and then everything started to sway and I fell back on the floor and passed out. 
  5. * * * *VISION* * * *  I saw myself fall to the ground and pass out and Gaea had a shocked look on her face.  "What happened to her?" Gaea demanded.  "We don't know." Jason replied.  "She was never awake when I was talking, was she?" Gaea demanded.  "She told me that she thought she was still sleeping on the dirt floor in the cell." Jason confessed.  "Then that's where she'll be when she wakes up." Gaea said and then motioned to he guards to pick me up and they dragged me across the thrown room and though the large double doors. "But that still doesn't explain why she wasn't using her powers." Gaea said.  Both Jason and Percy didn't say anything.  "Take them away." Gaea said to the guards and both Percy and Jason were taken back to the cell and then I woke up. 
  6. When I woke up, I noticed that I was back in the cell, and that I didn't have the chain on me. A couple seconds later, Percy and Jason were thrown into the cell. I sat up and I saw that they were both looking at me with concern.  I opened my mouth to say something, but Jason beat me to it.  "Don't even say that you're fine because you're not. You just passed out when Gaea was battling you." Jason told me.  "Probably a lot of demigods keep on dying today. That's why you're so weak today." Percy commented.  "Maybe some of your brothers or sisters could make you a little better?" Jason offered.  "No. That won't work. You know that as well as I do." I told him.  "I know." Jason confessed.  "How about we worry about getting out of here and getting the other half-bloods out of here too?" Percy suggested, changing the topic.  "Alright, let's start with these chains. It's obvious that we can't pull them off ourselves, so how do we get them off?" Jason asked.  "Only a person not wearing those chains can take them off, so come here." I told them. They both walked towards me and I pulled them off of them.  "Alright, next step. How do we get out of this cell?" Percy asked.  "Jason, you have to shock the door, and then it should explode." I told them.  "How do you know all of this stuff?" Percy asked.  "I don't know. I'm just smart." I replied and Jason started electrocuting the door.  About 10 seconds later, the door exploded.  "Now get ready to fight." I told them as I tapped the sun on my chest and they drew their weapons. I touched the bow and arrow on my necklace and the bow appeared in my left hand and my quiver was on my back.  We stepped out of the cell and saw guards rushing towards us in both directions. Percy and Jason took the ones coming on the right and I took the ones coming on the left. 
  7. I notched four arrows and let them fly. All of them landed in the first four guards heads and created a little bit of a traffic jam. I grabbed Areto from it's sheath and flung it at a guard. As soon as it made contact, that guard disintegrated and Areto ended up killing all of the guards behind that one. I grabbed Nekros and did the same thing as I did with Areto. But instead of disintegrating, everything that Nekros killed burst into black flames. I grabbed Aello and threw it at the next row of guards. Everything it killed, turned into a burst of wind. I threw Ainippe and everything it touch, disappeared. All of my knives returned back into their sheaths.  I turned around and saw that Jason and Percy were still killing the guards. Before I could help them, I saw Jason being stabbed, and I saw him fall. A sharp pain in my stomach appeared and it was the same spot that Jason was stabbed. I screamed in pain and I saw all of the guards disintegrate. I dropped to my hands and knees and clutched my stomach. Percy rushed towards me but I stopped him by pointing at Jason. He ran over to him and looked at me.  "He's dead." Percy told me and then I screamed out in pain as Jason's wound began to heal.  The pain began to ebb away and Jason began to wake up.  "Never-mind, he's alive." Percy said as Jason began to stand up.  "What happened?" Jason asked.  "Take a wild guess." I sarcastically said. He looked at me and came to a conclusion. 
  8. "I died. But you shouldn't be in pain, just really tired." Jason said.  "It's different for different people. The stronger you are, it hurts. Like when Thalia died-." I began.  "Wait- What? Thalia died? How can you tell? Is she alive now?" Jason asked.  "You heard me. Yes. I'm getting to that. And yes." I replied.  "How could you tell?" Percy asked.  "Because when she died, it felt like I was being shocked. So, I came to the conclusion that a child out Zeus died and since Jason was still in the camp, it was Thalia. The pain began to go away and I assumed that she was alive again. The same thing just happened now when you died, Jason. And if Percy were to die, it would probably feel like I'm drowning or something." I explained.  "Alright then. Well, we should probably go get the other demigods before Gaea comes." Percy said and then helped me up. My bow and arrows appeared back on my necklace and we started going to the other cells.  I opened up one and inside it were Susan and the Stoll brothers. When they saw me, they looked surprised at first and then relieved.  "Thank the gods, we're saved!" Conner Stoll yelled and then got up and gave me a hug.  "Alright, put me down. I can't breathe." I told him.  "Okay, no problem, quarter-sis." Conner said and then set me down. Him and Travis came to the conclusion that I was their quarter-sister because of my curse.  "Great to see you, Megan." Travis said and then gave me a high-five on his way out of the door.  I helped Susan up and we both went out the cell door. When we walked out back in the hallway, and I saw Will Solstice (my half-brother), April Jones of the Demeter cabin, and Jeanie Flag of the Hecate cabin. Percy was standing in front of them and further down the hall, Jason was desperately trying to open up a cell door. 
  9. "Piper, it won't open. I've tried everything, even electrocuting it." Jason called into the cell.  "I think it can only be burned down. I think Gaea did it on purpose so you wouldn't be able to get me out by shocking it." I heard Piper's voice call back.  I took a step forward but Percy held out his arm and stopped me.  "You can't burn it down." Percy told me sternly.  "But I have to get them out." I protested.  "You can't burn it down." He said again.  "I have to." I told him and pushed through his arm and stood in front of the door. "Piper, I need you to get out of the door line and if there is anyone else in there with you, I need them to be with you, okay?" I asked.  "Okay, you're good." I heard Piper call back.  I took a step back and held out my left hand.  "Megan, you don't have to do this. We can find another way." Percy said.  "We don't have enough time." I told him and then I blasted the cell door.  It caved in and ended up hitting the back of the cell while I flew back into the hallway wall. I sank to my hands and knees and started having a coughing fit. Percy came over to me and helped me to my feet.  "Why is it bad that Megan uses her powers?" April asked.  "Long story." Percy replied.  "You used that spell, didn't you?" Jeanie asked us.  "No time to talk now, we need to get out of here before Gaea finds us." I told them when I was able to stand on my own without falling over and then we all ran down the dirt hallway. 
  10. A couple minutes later, we reached the surface and we were out of Gaea's underground castle. When we were a safe distance away, I collapsed on the ground and started coughing.  "Does anyone wanna explain what's wrong with her? And what spell?" Travis asked.  "It's a spell so none of us can die in battle, isn't it?" Jeanie asked us.  "Yes, it is." Jason confessed.  "Why is that a bad thing? It should be good, right?" Conner asked.  "It's bad because everytime one of us dies, she gets weaker and weaker. Coughing is a sign of dying." Jeanie explained.  "Wait- so you're dying?" Will asked me.  "Yes, and everytime I use my powers, it makes me die faster." I explained.  "The person who lasted the longest using this spell was a month. He started coughing a day before he died. So, if we don't defeat Gaea by tomorrow, Megan's going to die. You did say that this spell will stop when we defeat Gaea, right?" Jeanie asked.  "Yes, we did." Percy said.  "So, tomorrow, she'll die?" Susan asked.  "Not necessarily." I said.  "What do you mean?" Piper asked.  "I've been coughing for almost a month now." I told them.  "When did you use this spell then?" Jeanie asked.  "About four months ago." I told them.  "And you knew about this?" Susan asked Jason and Percy and they both nodded their heads.  "Look, can we stop talking about this and start talking about how we're going to get back to New York?" I asked. 
  11. "We could get plane tickets and fly there." Jason suggested.  "You know I'm not good with planes. Your dad would blast us out of the sky." Percy said.  "Not if Jason's with you. His dad wouldn't want him dead." Piper pointed out.  "Well, we need money to get the plane tickets." Percy said.  "I think I have an idea." Travis said as he smiled at me. He was holding a flyer in his hands. Conner looked at it and smiled too.  "'When Solo's become Duet's. Single people sing to get to through the first round and then they're paired up with someone and they have to sing a duet. First place gets $10,000.'" Conner read.  "When is it?" April asked.  "Today at 4pm." Travis replied.  "What time is it now?" Susan asked.  Both Will and I looked up at the black sun.  "Around 2:30." We both answered.  "Alright, now all we need to know is to find out where to go." Percy stated.  "Wait, what if I get paired up with someone who can't sing?" I asked.  "Will's entering too." Travis declared.  "I am?" Will asked.  "Yep." Both Stoll brothers declared.  "But what if we don't get paired together?" I asked.  "It says here that the contestants get to pick their partners, as long as it's a boy and a girl partnered up." Conner read.  "Alright, let's go find out where to go." I said as I stood back up.  "Found it." Susan announced as she pointed to the bottom of the hill we were on. At the bottom of the hill, there was a huge stadium with a bunch of cars parked around it. There was a sign on top of the stadium that said "Solo's or Duet's?"  "Great. Let's go." Piper said and then started running down the hill with Jason behind her, followed by the rest of us.  My ring caught the 1/4 of sunlight and my wounds started healing and I felt better. I tapped the sun on my necklace and everything sank into my skin. 
  12. When we reached the stadium, there were two lines to get in it. One said "Audience" and the other said "Contestants".  "You guys better win." Percy told us and then they went to the "Audience" line while Will and I went to the "Contestant" line.  We stood in line behind a girl with big, curly, black hair and hazel eyes when a thought occurred to me.  "Hey, Will. We still don't know what songs we're gonna sing." I told him.  "You guys don't know what you're going to sing? You're not gonna make it to the next round." The girl commented.  "You'll be surprised." I told her, an edge on my voice.  "How about you sing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and I'll sing Pay Phone by Maroon 5." Will suggested, ignoring the girl's comment.  "And then for the duet we could sing Wild Ones by Flo Rida (feat. Sia)." I finished off.  "If you even make it to the duet. You know that they pick 24 people, right? 12 girls and 12 guys." The girl stated.  "Yes, we know that Captain Obvious." I snapped at her.  "Just sayin'." She said and then turned back around and signed her name on the list.  "Sounds like a plan." Will said and then I turned around, signed my name in, and walked inside. 
  13. Will followed me and backstage crew members were rushing around, directing people on where to go. There was a camera crew and once they saw me, they started walking towards me.  "What do I say if they ask me why I want the money?" I asked Will.  "Just tell the truth and that we're trying to get home." Will whispered in my ear as they neared.  "Hello, miss. What's you're name and why do you want the money?" The interviewer asked me.  "I'm Megan and I don't want the money, I need it." I told them.  "And why is that?" He asked as he held the microphone back up to my mouth.  "I need it because my friends and I got stuck here and we're trying to get money for plane tickets to get back home." I replied.  "Aww, well, let's hope you win. Back to you Joanne." He said.  A backstage crew member directed Will and me to sit at some theater seats with the others, where the audience was sitting. I ended up sitting next to some guy that looked about a year older than me. He had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I sat down and I noticed that he was nervous and I was really calm.  "Are you nervous?" He asked me when I sat down.  "Nope, not at all." I told him and he looked at me in surprise.  "Have you done this before?" He asked me.  "I guess you could say that. If you count singing on the streets in Kansas to get a couple of plane tickets then yes, I have." I replied and he laughed a little.  "So, do you already know who you're toning to pair up with if you make it to the next round?" He asked me.  "Yep. My brother, here." I said and then pointed to Will.  "Huh, that's funny. If I make it to the next round, then me and my sister are going to sing the duet." He said and then pointed to his sister that so happened to be the girl who was in front of me in the line.  "So, have you done this before?" I asked, changing the subject.  "Yep, me and my sister are raining champs. Four years in a row." He told me.  "Then why are you nervous?" I asked.  "New people, new competition." He replied simply.  The lights dimmed downed and a person came on stage.  "It's starting." The guy next to me replied and turned his attention towards the person on the stage. 
  14. "Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Solo's or Duet's? I'll be your host for today and let's start off by having one of our four year raining champs becoming up here and get this party started. Dre Jones, come on up!" She said and then everyone started clapping as the guy next to me got up.  "Good luck." I told him as he passed me. He nodded in response and then walked up the stairs to get on the stage.  "Now, Dre, what will you be singing today?" The lady asked.  "Drive By by Train." Dre replied, all of his nerves gone.  "Alright. Well, good luck." She told him and then handed him the microphone.  "Thanks, Sharon." Dre replied and then Sharon walked off-stage and the music started playing and he started singing.  I will admit that he wasn't that bad. I could see how he was one of the raining champs. He was a bit off at some parts but other than that, he was pretty enjoying to watch.  "Thank you, Dre." Sharon said and then everyone started clapping and a couple of people stood up. Dre jogged off-staged and sat back down.  "Not bad." I told him when he sat down.  "Thanks." He replied and then Sharon started talking again.  "Our next performer told us that she needs the money to get plane tickets for her and her friends to get back home." Sharon announced and I automatically knew that I was up.  "Wow, that's horrible." Dre whispered to me.  "You have no idea." I told him and he had a confused look on his face.  "Megan Day, you're up next." Sharon announced and I stood up.  "That's you?" Dre asked me.  "Yep." I answered and started walking towards the stage.  "Break a leg." Will told me as I passed him.  "Thanks." I told him and then jogged up the stage steps.  "Amazing story, Megan. What are you gonna be singing today?" Sharon asked me.  "A Thousand Years by Christina Perri." I replied.  "Difficult song, folks. Well, best of luck to you." Sharon said and then handed me the microphone.  "Thanks." I smiled and then the music started playing.  I found myself getting lost in the song and before I knew it, the song was over. A wave of clapping and cheers rose from the crowd and they all stood up. My friends started chanting my name and soon enough, the whole audience was doing the same. The crowd, well I guess you would say, went wild.  Sharon came back on-stage and after the crowd calmed down, she took the microphone from my hand and said, "Wow. That was amazing, wasn't it?" She asked the crowd and they started cheering again.  "Thanks." I said and smiled.  "Now, was there a special someone you were thinking about when you were singing?" Sharon asked me.  "Actually, yes, there was. My boyfriend, Dylan. He's back home and I'm not even sure if he's gonna see this because he doesn't know I'm here." I told her and I heard a couple of "Awe's" come from the crowd. 
  15. "Well, thank you very much, Megan." Sharon said and I nodded my head, smiled, and then I walked back to my seat.  "Great job, sis." I heard Travis say behind me when I sat down. I turned around and saw him and Conner smiling at me.  "How the hell did you get down here?" I demanded.  "Well, the security guard got a phone call and left those doors to answer the phone. So, Conner stole his keys and we both snuck in here." Travis replied.  "Wait- let me guess. You were the person who called?" I said and both Travis and Conner grinned.  "Yep." They both replied and I smiled too.  "See, I told you she wouldn't be that mad at us." Conner said.  "Whatever." Travis said.  "Hey, do you guys ever shut up?" Dre's sister asked and both Stoll brothers glanced at each other.  "Not really." They replied.  "Well can you shut up now?" She asked, and edge in her voice.  "Maybe." They both shrugged.  "Will Solstice, you're up next." Sharon called out and Will got up.  "Good luck, Will." I said.  "Yeah, Will." Conner yelled while Travis was making some sort of dog barking sound.  "When did they get here?" Will asked me.  "You're kidding right? Could you seriously not hear them?" I asked in a disbelieving voice and Will smiled to show that he was kidding.  While he was walking up the stage stairs, Dre asked, "Will's your step-brother, isn't he?" I shook my head in response and then both Travis and Conner jumped the seat and sat in Will's seat before I could explain.  They somehow managed to fit in one theater seat.  "Why would you do that?" I asked them.  "We couldn't see behind Will." Conner replied.  "Okay, whatever." I said and then turned back towards Dre. "Will's my half-brother. We have different moms but the same dad." I explained and he nodded his head in response.  Will was done singing and he got a standing ovation too. When he started walking back towards his seat, he saw Travis and Conner sitting in it and he gave me a confused look.  "I tried to stop them." I told Will when he was in front of us.  "Well, now where am I suppose to sit?" Will asked.  "Here, we can fix this." Travis said.  "Yeah, you can take Megan's seat." Conner said and then before I could protest, Conner pulled me over onto both of their laps.  "Can this get anymore awkward?" I asked as Will sat in my seat.  "Yes." The Stoll brothers replied. 
  16. * * * *TIME SKIP* * * *  After everyone performed, Sharon told us all that she gave all of us rooms to the hotel next door.  My friends and I walked over to the hotel and when we got inside, I could've sworn that it was a 5 star hotel. Everything was so pretty and clean. There was a crystal chandelier, white lounge chairs, shiny tile floor, and what looked like a really expensive reception desk.  "Hello, welcome to Dream-sleep Hotel. Can I help you?" The perky lady behind the desk asked us as we walked in.  "Um, yes, I'm one of the contestants on Solo's or Duets? And I was wondering where are our rooms?" I asked her as I walked over to the desk.  "Oh, your rooms are the suites on the 10th floor. What's your name?" She asked me.  "I'm Megan Day and the other contestant with me is Will Solstice." I replied as I pointed to Will behind me, who was talking to Travis and Conner, probably telling them to not steal anything.  "Alright, here you go. Room 1008 for you and room 1010 for him." She told me as she handed me two room keys.  "Thanks." I said as I took the keys and walked towards my friends.  "So? Where are our rooms?" Travis asked when I came up to him.  "Room 1008 for us girls and 1010 for you guys." I told them as I held out their room key.  "Sweet." Conner said as Travis attempted to grab it. I pulled my hand away at the last second and gave the key to Will.  "What? You don't trust a child of Hermes?" Conner asked me, trying to sound offended.  "Nope." I replied.  "Well, I can see that since you children of Apollo are show-offs." Travis said.  "What does that have to do with anything?" Will asked.  "Nothing. Just thought that we were saying everyone's flaws." Travis said as he held his hands up, making us all giggle a little.  "Well, if we're doing that, then children of Hermes can't do anything useful except steal stuff." Will said.  "Children of Apollo are hot-headed, show-offs, who love rubbing their talents in other people's faces." Conner said.  "At least we have talent." I countered, making everyone else go "Ooooooooo." 
  17. "You call that talent? Now pranks are talented." Travis said.  "I don't see you singing up on a stage to get plane tickets so we can go home." Will said.  "All though, pranks do take a lot of work sometimes." I admitted.  "See, Megan gets it. Sometimes, I think she's more our sister than yours." Conner said to Will.  "Why would she want to be? Children of Apollo are better than children of Hermes." Will said.  "Um, no. I think you have that reversed." Travis said.  "Guys, both children of Apollo and children of Hermes are awesome. I am the proof of that." I said and then they started saying a bunch of "no's" and gave their reasons that I couldn't catch because they were all saying it at the same time.  "What were you guys saying about children of Apollo and children of Hermes?" I heard a voice ask behind me. I saw that everyone's faces looked like they were going to die because of how pale they looked. I turned around and saw Dre standing there.  "It's a pep-talk method and we use it to clear the air when one of us is mad at another." I smoothly lied.  "Okay? How is it used as a pep-talk method?" Dre asked.  "Well, since children of Apollo have really great and amazing singing voices like Will and me, they get us pumped up by telling us that we sing like children of Apollo." I explained to him and smiled.  "Well, okay then. I guess I'll see you around." Dre said as he gave us a weird look.  "Bye." I said and I waved as he walked towards the front desk.  I whirled around to face my friends.  "Next time when we decided to have this little conversation, it'll be in private." I told them.  "Got it, sis." Travis said and then there was a bunch of screaming and rushed footsteps.  Turned around and saw eight guys with guns walk into the lobby.  "Oh you have got to be kidding me." I said as they started yelling at people to get to certain spots on the floor. 
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