The Cursed One (part 4)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Everything that I've been holding back vanished as I let my anger overcome me.  "Come for another round, sweetheart?" Drake smirked at me.  I tapped the sun on my neck while I gave him my famous death stare.  "You know, you have a very good death stare." Drake told me.  "I know." I said, my voice was calm but it was laced with anger. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Dylan took a step back.  "Why'd you take a step back?" Drake asked Dylan.  "You'll see." Dylan replied.  "What? Do you actually think that that thing can hurt me?" Drake said, disbelief in his voice.  When he said that, I un-sheathed Nekros and threw it at Drake's right shoulder. It plunged itself into him and he fell to the ground and screamed, making the other guys come out of the house. 
  2. Drake pulled Nekros out of his shoulder and it appeared back in it's sheath. As soon as Drake stood up, I kicked him across his face, jabbed him in his stomach, and then twisted his left arm behind his back and forced him on his knees. I then slammed his head in the ground and knocked him out.  I turned towards the other guys and they slowly began to back up to their house. I turned back towards Dylan, my anger still bubbling inside of me.  "Mojave desert. Now." I told him.  "Not until you calm down. Meg, your eyes are still gold." Dylan gently told me.  "I can't calm down. It still feels like I need to punch someone." I told him.  "Then punch me." Dylan told me.  "I can't. I don't wanna hurt you." I told him.  "You won't. Come on." Dylan said.  "Nope, I can't do it. You mean too much to me and I can't hurt you." I told him.  I saw him smile and then he walked towards me. He pulled me into a hug and I began to calm down a little.  "I knew that would work. You have a soft spot for people you care about." He told me, ruining the moment.  I elbowed him in the back and said, "Shut-up. Stop ruining the moment." 
  3. About a minute later, someone said, "I'm sorry, but are we interrupting something?" I turned my head and saw Dakota, Alaina, Annabeth, and Jake standing there.  "Just be glad she can't hit you." Dylan told them.  "Well, anyways, are you okay?" Alaina asked me.  "Yeah, I'm fine." I told them.  "Good. Now you need to get to the Mojave desert as fast as you can. Have Jason fly you there. Speaking of Jason, where is he?" Annabeth asked.  "I don't know. Probably talking to the cops still." Dylan replied.  "Do we even want to know why?" Dakota asked.  Dylan and I glanced at each other and then looked back at them.  "Probably not." We both said. 
  4. "Okay. Well, moving on, there was a new demigod here named Tara and she was claimed yesterday. Her parent is Aphrodite." Annabeth told us.  "Great." I said sarcastically. Most of the Aphrodite cabin hates me because of what I did to Drew. There are a few that actually like what I did- like Piper and this girl Lacy- but the majority of them hate me.  "Yeah. Let's just hope Piper can talk some sense into her before she starts judging." Dakota said.  I heard footsteps coming towards Dylan and me and I turned my head and saw Jason running towards us, panting heavily.  "Do you have any idea of how many questions those cops can ask?" Jason asked me.  "Apparently a lot since it took you a while." I replied.  "It wasn't my fault that you started another forest fire." Jason told me.  "You started another forest fire?!" Alaina exclaimed.  "Just a little bit. It isn't half as bad as the one in Illinois." I told them and then started coughing a little. I saw Jason giving me a look of concern but I just gave him a look that said "I'm fine" and he nodded his head slightly. 
  5. "When did they get here? And what happened to him?" Jason asked while pointing to Drake, who was still knocked out and bleeding.   "You missed a lot." Dylan told him.  "Apparently." Jason said while scratching the back of his head.  Before anyone could say anything else, I heard a voice in my head.  'Well, looks like my cursed child is back from the dead.' The voice said and I knew it was Gaea. Her voice sent shivers up my spine and I stiffened.  'I was never dead.' I snapped at her.  'You really shouldn't get snippy at me. Especially since you're standing in a hole.' She told me.  'What does that have to do with anything?' I asked her.  'Everything.' She said and then I felt the earth beginning to shake beneath me. It seemed like it was just me though because Dylan and Jason didn't seem to notice. 
  6. All of a sudden, the earth beneath me disappeared and I started to fall. I screamed and Dylan quickly grabbed my outstretched hand at the last moment. He slowly started pulling me up to safety while the earth that was beneath me began to close up.  'You better tell your friend to not set you back down on the ground.' Gaea warned me as soon as Dylan pulled me out of the hole.  'Why?' I asked as Dylan set me down.  "Are you okay? What happened?" Dylan asked me.  "It's Gaea. She knows I'm alive and she told me to tell you to not put me back on the ground." I replied.  "Why?" Jason asked.  "I don't know. I'm working on that." I told them.  'Because the same thing will happen. Oh look, too late.' Gaea replied and before I could process what she said, she made another hole appear beneath me. This time, Dylan couldn't grab my hand and I fell into darkness. 
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