10 Secrets (part 2)

This is the second part to my story quoz thingy. I tried to make it longer like you guys wanted. Same goes for the explaining part. Hope you like it!!

I'm not gonna put recaps in for this because the last one was the quoz that introduced some stuff... I don't think you need to take part 1 because I go a little more detailed in this one..

Created by: laurenblah75
  1. "Kendra! Get up! Your gonna end up late for school." My mom was yelling up the stairs like she always did. About 5 minutes later I deside to get out of bed. I get dressed and grab something quick to eat. I continue to get ready. Time soon escapes me and I'm stuck having my mom drive me to school because I missed the bus.
  2. When I reached school Melinda was standing around looking for me. She finally looks my way. "Hey Kendra!" I walk over to Melinda. She seems joyful today. Today she wore her long blonde hair up in a ponytail. Her green eyes brought out her smile. "So did you here? Some guy named Brody asked Lexi out." I looked at Melinda like she was joking. This made me laugh. "Who would ever want to date Lexi? Besides I've never even heard of Brody. Lexi must be despret or something." We both started laughing even harder. Lexi was a spoiled brat. Her parents were rich, so she got whatever she wanted. The thing that I don't get is that she is the least bit of attracive. Her dirty blonde hair and muddy eyes look horrifing. She wears those over priced yoga pants by pink too! The worst part is she can't get a real tan so she gets a spary tan. As you may be able to tell.. Me and Lexi are enemies.
  3. Not to long after we talk about the new couple the bell rings which mean that its time for first period. During passing period I see Parker. In fact he is coming up to me. I tell Melinda to just go to first and that I'd catch up with her later. She leaves without questioning. "Hey Kendra, I kinda wanted to tell you something." Parker says. I observe him. His black hair is the way I liked it and he smelt amazing. His brown eyes seem to glow. He was wearing his lacrosse shirt because he played lacrosse. "What??" I asked. We haven't talked much since I broke up with him and I was a little confused about what he wanted. I broke up with him because of Lexi. This was another reason I hated her. She kept flirting with Parker. The thing is that after we broke up she wanted nothing to do with him." Well.. Can I just talk to you about it later?" Parker seem to regret coming up to me. I told him okay and I left to go to English. I couldn't understand what Parker wanted and why he came up to me in the first place.
  4. When I finally got to English Melinda was saving me a spot. I sat down quietly beside her. "So what was the holdup?" Melinda asked. "Nothing impotant. Parker wanted to tell me nothing. All I guess that happened was that he wanted to tell me something, but later." I looked a little upset. Melinda could tell that I was expecting for Parker to say something like sorry. I never told anyone this but I still do have feelings for Parker. We dated for 2 months until Lexi came around. Breaking up with him was hard. I never thought we woul d break up. English ended and before I knew it I was on my way to reading.
  5. When I got to reading all the seats were taken except for the one next to HIM. I sat down and tried to avoid eye contact with HIM. Just my luck I thought. I could feel HIS eyes staring down on me. Finally he broke the silence. "Sup, my name is Brody." I couldn't believe it. HE was Brody the guy dating Lexi. "Hi I'm Kendra." I didn't want to be rude, so I just said that. He smiled. "Wel Kendra, it seems we may as well get to know each other. We do have a lot of class with each other." Brody said. I got a better look at him. His eyes were perfect too. In fact I couldn't point out a flaw with him. He had a personlity that was able to make everyone like him. Reading began, so our conversation ended. There was something about Brody though that I couldn't figure out. He seemed to good to be true.
  6. In fact Brody had a very mischevious look to him. Throught class I kept glancing over at him. Once he saw me. Thankfully all he did was smiled and looked back up front where the teacher was. As soon as the bell rang I scatted in the halls to find Melinda. When I found her he was with of our friends Abby. Her hair was brown like milk chocolate. Her eyes were pure as the ocean. Together the three of us wondered to choir.
  7. Choir zoomed by due to rehersals for an upcoming concert. Everyone was so onto what was going on, hardly anyone heard the bell. Since Abby has science with me we walked together. Melinda was going to lunch. I wish that I had the same lunch, but I had second lunch. I figured that it was alright because halfway in between 4th period, my lunch started. This made 4th pleriod go by fast. Abby doesn't have many friends, so I invited her to sit with me and Kenna. Kenna and her already know each other so there wasn't any harm. The first half of science was nice and quick. Abby and I went to Kenna's locker to meet up with her. After Kenna got her lunch we headed toward the cafateria. When we arrived Lexi was there with Brody and some other dude.
  8. As we got to the table, I began to recognize the other guy. His name is Dylan. His eyes were bluer than the ocean and hos black hair complimented them. Best of all he has a great sence of humor. The three of us sat down. Lexi introduced Brody and Dylan to us. I think I was the only one who knew Dylan. "Hey Kendra" Brody said. I smiled and said hey back. Some more of the people I sat with showed up. Most of which were friends of Lexi's. Others were Kenna's. I only sit with Lexi because her and Kenna are friends. I never bothered to tell Kenna that Lexi and I aren't exactly friends.
  9. When the lunch lines finally opened I dragged Abby up with me. The lines were really long. Plus this gave me the opportunity to escape from Lexi and Brody.. Well that's what I figured. Dylan and him joined the line Abby and I were in. At least Lexi wasn't attached to him I thought. When Dylan came up to us he asked if they could join. Abby let them. After afew more moments of awkward silence Dylan was the one to break it. "So what's the rest of your classes guys?" He asked. He directed his question toward me and Abby. "Um... I have Mr. Harrison for English and then Ms. Burns for math." Abby told Dylan. "What about you Kendra?" I told him that I had Ms. Burns for math, then Mr. Whitmore for history. "Thays awesome! I guess that we'll see each other in History." Dylan announced. I never noticed him in the class before. Then again it was only the 2nd week of school.
  10. The line moved much quicker when we were talking to Dylan. Eventually all of us got our lunches and returned to the table. When I can back Kenna and Lexi were talking about Brody. Lexi was blabbering on about how she thinks he's adorable. When she saw that Brody was on his way back she quickly changed the subject. "So How's Parker Kendra? I saw you guys had a little chat this morning. I thought you broke up with him?" Lexi began. I looked at her and said "We did brake up. He just wanted to say hi and stuff." "Sure he did." Lexi said. She could tell that I wasn't willing to share what happened. It wasn't any of her business. She was the reason we broke up in the first place. Lexi always ask about Parker when she would see us together.
  11. Kenna suggested that we should hurry and get back to class. Kenna could tell that if Lexi continued on things would get ugly. Lexi hugged Brody goodbye and left with her friends. Abby and I left afew moments after. The rest of the day wasn't to interesting. I continously found myself lost in my thoughts. Before I knew it I was in history. Dylan was right. He was there. When I looked around the room and saw him he waved at me. I couldn't help but smile back. The day literally escaped me. The day ended and I went to my locker. Melinda was there. She asked if I wanted to go to her house and I told her that I would. She lived close enough to the school that you could walk. After gathering up the items I needed to bring home I called my mom to let her know I would be at Melinda's. We walked out of the school and headed to Melinda's house.
  12. Melinda was talking about her day and how it was. Soon we reached the corner of Melinda's street when something happend. "KENDRA!!!" I turned around to see who it was. "Parker?" I was confused until I turned around. There was some guy dressed in black. All of a sudden everything when black. I remember hearing Melinda screaming.
  13. Well uhhhh... That's part 2... Yeahhhh... Feel free to rate and/or comment... Btw don't pay attention to the results cause at first I had this part going another way. Dylan isn't in the results either... Sorry. I thought that you would be able to edit the results. Looks like I was wrong.. Oh well.

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