A Hogwarts love story: The chamber of secrets(part 4)

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This is part 4 of the Chamber of Secrets. The whole of this quiz is just Point of Views because you've been petrified. Everyone(apart from Draco) will give their views on seeing you in hospital for the first time.

So Oliver, Harry, Ron and Neville will come to visit you today but you have to wait a little bit longer for Draco's visit. I'm sorry that Harry and Ron's P.O.V's are similar-i wasn't sure how to make it different!

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. *Oliver’s P.O.V* I opened the doors slowly giving me some time to think. I spotted her straight away, it wasn’t hard not to, she stood out more than anyone because of her red Quidditch uniform. Madam Pomfrey saw me just standing at the doors, she was standing at another bed, one next to _____. She was a Gryffindor, I could tell by her robes....Was that Granger? Now that I think about it, I’m sure it is. I remember _____ telling me how clever Granger was last year. I walked slowly towards _____’s bed, passing Madam Pomfrey who gave me a gentle pat on the shoulder. She was just lying there.....not moving......it seemed so unnatural; I couldn’t pretend that she was sleeping because she wasn’t even breathing and her eyes were open. But her eyes were missing that glimmer-that sparkle-the little twinkle that was always present; she just wasn’t the same without it. I sat on the stool by the side of the bed, I would have held her hand but I couldn’t because of where her hands were when she was petrified. I just sat there looking at her beautiful face, I felt helpless-there was no point in talking, she couldn’t hear me. As I was just sitting there I began to think that although she can’t see or hear at the moment, it was quite nice that she was in the hospital beside her best friend and I even felt a tear trickle down my cheek. A couple more slid down my face but I tried to keep myself from crying hard; and I was so busy thinking that I barely noticed when Harry and Ron walked in with Professor McGonagall. “I warn you this may be a wee bit of a shock.” McGonagall said. “No kidding, but it was more of a big shock for me...” I thought to myself. I stayed where I was for a while, whilst Harry and Ron just stood where they were, but after a while I got up and started to return to the common room. As I passed her bed I noticed that her broom was propped up against the wall, I looked at my broom in my hand, walked over to her broom and stood it next to hers. I wouldn’t fly until she got unpetrified.
  2. *Harry’s P.O.V* On one bed lay Hermione, I could tell it was her by her curly light brown hair and beside her was.....was......was ______. She, by far, stood out the most in the whole hospital because of the Quidditch robes. “____.” I heard Ron quietly whisper but I stayed silent-I didn’t exactly know what to say. Oliver was on the stool next to her bed, he had been told she was here before me or Ron......I didn’t see why though, but whatever the reason was I shouldn’t get angry-now wasn’t the time, not when she was like this. I just stood where I was, I didn’t feel like going over to _____ while Oliver was there, he just looked like he needed his time alone with her-I would feel the same way if I was him. “She was found by the library....along with this...” McGonagall said looking at Hermione and holding up a silver mirror, “Does it mean anything to either of you boys?” All I could manage to say was, “No.” I stood there, until Oliver left, occasionally glancing over towards her but mostly looking at my feet. After he left I walked over to her, Ron trailing behind me. “Where did you find her Professor?” I finally managed to ask. “By the trophy cupboard.” I couldn’t say anymore, I felt that I needed my own time alone with her, like Oliver had-but I couldn’t really bring myself to tell Ron to leave. If Ron wasn’t here I would have brushed a piece of hair that was in her face away, or asked if I could come and see her again tomorrow but I couldn’t get myself to do it. We left the hospital soon and I felt like a thunder cloud was above my head raining down hard and to make it worse we crossed paths with Malfoy. “Where are your girlfriends?” Malfoy sneered. I didn’t answer him, I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that 2 more had been petrified-especially that they were my friends(even though I like ______ a lot, lot more). But unfortunately Ron told him, it didn’t matter how annoyed he sounded when he said it-he still told him, but we both stormed off to the common room before he replied.
  3. *Ron’s P.O.V* I instantly looked over to the girl dressed in the red Quidditch robes-it was her-I knew it. “______...” I whispered. Sorrow was quickly turned to jealousy when I noticed that Wood was there before us. Her and Wood barely even spoke, barely even saw each other-and he got told about her before us! I clenched my fists and tried to keep my anger inside of me, it wouldn’t be too good if I lost control when she’s in this state. My fists started to hurt from clenching them so tightly, so I looked away from her and to the other bed. Hermione had also been petrified but I didn’t feel as great a loss as I did when I saw ______. Its true Hermione was always there and was our friend as well, but she was just more of the clever person –the person who solved our problems and thought out plans. I felt that it would be better if we could have our own time alone with her, but I didn’t want to tell Harry to go away or I didn’t want to leave. We stayed there until we had to leave and go back to the common room and if I didn’t feel depressed enough about ______ being petrified, we crossed paths with Malfoy. “Where are your girlfriends?” He sneered. My anger still hadn’t simmered down from earlier and now I was close to exploding. I had to say something, it wasn’t going to be a clever comeback-I couldn’t think of one, but I just said what had happened through gritted teeth. “They’re in the hospital-petrified.” Me and Harry didn’t wait for an answer, just stiffly walked off to the common room.
  4. *Draco’s P.O.V* In the common room we were told by Snape the new rules that are being put into play. All of us have to be back in the common room by 6pm every evening; because of the attacks on those filthy mudbloods and the attack on ________ (I don’t include ______’s attack as one of the mud blood’s. She’s the only one that I care about), everyone will be escorted to lessons by a teacher with no exceptions. How in the world was I meant to visit _____ now?! Potter and Weasley will probably be visiting her and Granger as much as they can now during the day. I had to think of a plan, it was going to be hard but it’s not like it hasn’t been hard before...Maybe they would be too busy to visit her tomorrow, I hoped the least. I could wake up really early the next morning and ask Madam Pomfrey if I could visit ______ after 6pm, no one could see me then.....That sounded more like a plan than hoping that Potter and Weasley were busy.
  5. *Neville’s P.O.V* The next morning I visited the Greenhouses. After a while of searching for what flowers to bring her, I finally found the perfect ones. Snowdrops. They symbolize hope, I hope that she gets better soon and the mandrakes are ready for all the other students too, apparently Snowdrops bring bad luck if brought indoors-but how much worse could things get? I picked quite a few of them and took them back to the hospital to put in the vase by her bed. As I walked towards the hospital doors, I realised that since she came back I had only seen her once; I guess that was another year wasted saying next to nothing to her...I walked through the doors, I didn’t know what to expect really, I hadn’t seen anyone who had been petrified before. I was looking around me, I couldn’t see her anywhere but as Madam Pomfrey led me to where she was I should have guessed that it was her in the Quidditch uniform. She didn’t look like herself, the lively glow in her face and the sparkle in her eyes was missing, even though I didn’t talk to her much I could tell that something was different. The hospital was extremely quiet, the only sounds of movement were visitors (and there weren’t many) and Madam Pomfrey. Everyone was like statues, actually they WERE statues-they didn’t blink, move or look like they were breathing. After a couple of minutes I left the flowers of “hope” by her bedside and started to leave not wanting to stay in this place any longer-it was too depressing...
  6. *Oliver’s P.O.V* I walked back to the common room, my thoughts clouded by the image of her lying there frozen completely unaware of what is happening and what will happen until she is back to normal. I was still sad as I stepped through the portrait hole; I walked over to a red armchair and slumped into it returning to my thoughts. However my thinking was soon interrupted by Harry and Weasley walking through the entrance. It interested me that they looked as depressed as I was feeling, most likely over the exact same thing. I watched as another second year asked them what was wrong, they seemed even more depressed than I was because they walked away not even answering the other second year. He just stood there completely confused, I just had to call him over-maybe he could do something for me. “Hey! You there!” I called and I had a sudden stroke of luck as I remembered who he was, “Longbottom, is it?” I motioned him over to where I was, he seemed confused but he walked over anyway. “What’s up with you 3?” Longbottom asked. I was still sad but I didn’t think that it was that noticeable, “_____ has been petrified-she was this morning actually......-Granger has been too.....” I had to practically force the first part out of my mouth, it just didn’t sound right, and I had to quickly add that part about Granger, I didn’t care about her but I knew that they were sort of friends. “Do you think, this is going to sound stupid....D-do you think you c-could get some flowers for ____-like you did last year when she sprained her arm?” I asked nervously, I just wanted it to look pretty when she was unpetrified and I knew Longbottom was the one who brought her flowers when she was last in hospital. He nodded slowly, he must have thought that the question was quite strange maybe but at least he agreed to it, which made me feel a little bit happier. I then smiled at him and said “Thanks” before going to my dorm-we couldn’t leave Gryffindor Tower anyway and I just wanted to lay down in my bed and pretend that this day never happened.
  7. *Harry’s P.O.V* Me and Ron walked into the common room and almost immediately Neville approached us and asked what was wrong. I knew we looked depressed- I mean who wouldn’t be, and I knew Neville was being his friendly self by just wondering why we were so sad but I was just too down to reply. I walked away to the stairs with Ron following me. We listened to the new rules read out by Professor McGonagall; we all have to be in the common room by 6pm every evening and everyone will be escorted to lessons by a teacher-no exceptions. As soon as she left I quickly turned to Ron with an even bigger determination to stop whoever is doing these attacks. “We’ve got to talk to Hagrid Ron, I don’t believe it’s him but if he did set the monster loose last time, he’ll know how to get into the Chamber of Secrets and that’s a start.” I whispered urgently to him. “But you heard McGonagall-we’re not allowed to leave the Tower except for class.” Ron replied but I could tell that he wanted to continue almost as much as I did, however I knew that he was right-there was no way that we could leave the Tower without getting caught. Then I remembered, “I think it’s time to get my dad’s old cloak out again.” So, that was our plan-tonight once everyone had gone upstairs, me and Ron would sneak out of Gryffindor Tower with my dad’s cloak of invisibility, visit Hagrid and ask him about the Chamber of Secrets.
  8. *Ron’s P.O.V* When we entered the common room I saw Wood slumped on a red armchair and I glared at him still jealous that he got to see her before me and Harry. I don’t think he noticed me though; he seemed to be too lost in thought and sad. After a few steps into the common room Neville quickly came up to us, “What’s wrong?” he asked. I knew that it was probably as clear as day that the expression on my face showed that something was up, but I had completely forgotten about everyone else because the image of _____ just lying there like she had been carved out of stone was stuck in my head. Too depressed and angry to talk to anyone I just followed Harry as he walked away, not saying anything either, and stood on the stairs away from everyone else. Whoever was causing these attacks was NOT making life any easier! McGonagall told us a bunch of new rules because of what has been happening to some students-how the bloody hell are we going to visit ____ now?! Not to mention how we are going to stop Slytherin’s Heir....When McGonagall left Harry suddenly turned to face me, “We’ve got to talk to Hagrid Ron, I don’t believe it’s him but if he did set the monster loose last time, he’ll know how to get into the Chamber of Secrets and that’s a start.” He whispered urgently. He seemed to now have an even greater determination to stop the attacks but he just had a tiny flaw in his plan, “But you heard McGonagall-we’re not allowed to the Tower except for class.” I told him. Harry considered my response for a couple of seconds before replying, “I think it’s time to get my dad’s old cloak out again.”
  9. *Draco’s P.O.V* I barely slept that night I was too busy thinking about her and going over my plans to try and visit her. I finally managed to get some sleep but I woke up a bit later on and decided that it must have been very early in the morning. I silently crept out of bed and got dressed in my robes before creeping down the stairs and out of the common room. I ran as quietly as I could towards the hospital avoiding the teachers and prefects patrolling the halls; finally I reached the tall doors and was about to push them open when someone spotted me....“Mr Malfoy! What are you doing out of your common room?!” I slowly turned around feeling quite annoyed, my plan had almost worked, but then my hopes were lifted as I saw it was Madam Pomfrey who had caught me. “I-I....I...err....” I stuttered but quickly straightened up and asserted myself, “I was wondering if I could come back tonight to-to visit someone who has been petrified....” “No one from Slytherin has been petrified Malfoy, your visit would be pointless.” “I know. I know. I wanted to see ______, I heard she got petrified...I-I...I just wanted to see her....” “A Gryffindor? A half-blood too...Isn’t that what Malfoy’s go against? She must be something very special to change you that much....I can guess that you wouldn’t want your friends seeing you visit her-how about I give you permission to visit her after 6pm today.” Madam Pomfrey said and handed me a note saying that I was allowed to go to the hospital when everyone is meant to be in the common room. I took the slip gratefully, stuffed it in my robe pocket, thanked her and hurriedly ran back to the common room. I just sat on the sofa and waited for everyone to wake up; Parkinson was first down followed by Crabbe and Goyle. “There you are Draco! I was wondering where you were when Crabbe and Goyle said you weren’t in your bed.” Parkinson said as she gave me an awkward kind of hug; I was still mad at her for what she said about ____ but I tried not to let it show.
  10. Soo....i'm not really good at P.O.V's and i think most of the time Harry and Ron's are going to be the shortest and very similar because i'm not to sure how to make them different! While the other 3 visit you, i think i might make Ron and Harry continue their adventure through their P.O.V's-what do you think? Thanks!

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