Hogwarts Love Story Part 6

Welcome to part 6!!!!! Take the rest of it or else you won't understand. Yay for tic tacs!! Especially green ones, and orange ones, and yellow ones and red ones.

*happy face* wow I'm tired XD So.... What do u think of elephant sauce? Personally, I think it tastes horrible. Lol,there's no such thing ^_^.

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  1. When Remus signed the form,you gave him a quick hug a left. As you walked to the Transfiguration classroom,you saw Oliver looking terrified. You bit back a grin when you saw why he was so scared. Cho Chang was standing in front of him,talking. "Hi Oliver" you said as you approached."_____" he said,walking over,putting his arm around you and kissing the top of your head."What are you doing?" you asked,your voice shaking from laughter.
  2. Oliver began to see the funny side of it too, and when he answered,his voice cracked as he shook with silent laughter."Nothing",he said (squeaked?).As the two of you left,you looked over your shoulder and saw Cho looking furious. As soon as you turned the corner, you and Oliver almost fell over from laughing.
  3. When you were done laughing,you kissed Oliver's cheek and said you had to go. "Detention,Ms.Lupin" you heard Snaps say behind you. Anger exploded from you as you yelled "That's not fair, I didn't do anything!"."Tomorrow,my office" he said. As he turned around and walked away,you silently turned his robes bright pink.
  4. You turned around and ran,before Snape realised what you had done. You handed your permission form to McGonagall and went back to the common room. When you went in,you sat next to Hermione,Ron and Harry. "Are you coming with us to Hogsmeade tomorrow?" Hermione asked.
  5. "Snape gave me detention" you sighed."What for?" asked Ron and Harry at the same time. "No reason" you said. You,Hermione and Ginny went up to your dorm when it got late.
  6. The next morning, you and Harry had to stay behind while everyone else went to Hogsmeade. At 10:00 you went to Snape's office for detention. When you got there,you knocked on the door and entered. "Ms.Lupin, I believe detention is not in order. You are dismissed." said Snape when you were barely even in through the door.
  7. You left and went to find Harry. The two of you just hung out until dinner. When you left to go to dinner,the Great Hall was decorated with hundreds of candle filled pumpkins and Halloween-ey stuff. You sat next to Oliver,avoiding Peeves,who was throwing food. "How was detention?" he asked,raising an eyebrow. You scowled and said told Oliver what had happened,calling Snape a load of bad names.
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