Hogwarts Love Story Part 4

YAY!! PART 4!! Take part 1,2 + 3 or else you won't understand what's going on...

OK...So this one is a little weird and I apologise if you don't understand some things.But just ignore them. Thanks for taking it!

Created by: 5thMarauder
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  1. When Oliver said this you opened your mouth to speak,but for the first time in your life,you were speechless."The third years and up are allowed to go to Hogsmeade...will you meet me at the Shrieking shack?" he continued.You smiled and said "Of course".Oliver smiled and sighed with relief and happiness."Then will you give out to me if I kiss you?" Oliver said cheekily."Depends" you replied."Good" he said and the next thing you knew,you two were kissing.When you finally broke apart,you heard a soft meow around the corner."Who's there,my dear?" you heard Filch say.You and Oliver looked at each other,grabbed each others hands and sprinted to the Gryffindor common room.
  2. When you looked behind your shoulder,you saw Filch running behind you and Oliver.When you reached the Portrait hole,Oliver practically screamed the password,and you dashed inside.You slammed the portrait hole closed,laughing and panting with Oliver.Everyone in the common room was staring at the two of you,making you and Oliver suddenly aware that you were still holding hands.You and Oliver quickly let go,and went to opposite ends of the room.You sat next to the twins,grinning but blushing.They both raised an eyebrow and smirked.
  3. You rolled your eyes and went up to the dormitory.Ginny and Hermione were already there,so you changed into your pj's and talked for a while before going to bed.While you were lying in bed you suddenly thought that Hermione looked somewhat nervous when she was talking to you.It only took you a while to fall asleep,and you dreamed about:
  4. The whole next day,Ron kept Scowling at you.After potions,(which Draco Malfoy strolled into late without getting into trouble)you asked Hermione what was wrong with Ron."I don't know.." she replied,but you didn't believe she was telling the truth.You headed to the DADA classroom and on the way,you bumped into Cedric."Hi" you said."Hi" he smiled."____,would you like to meet me at Three Broomsticks the next time we go to Hogwarts?"."Oh,Cedric,I can't,I'm busy"."Ok" he said and waved and went into the charms classroom.
  5. You went into the DADA clasroom and saw a large,shaking wardrobe.Prof.Lupin began explaining about boggarts,but you spaced out a bit,since you had already done them.You snapped beck into reality when Neville walked up to the front of the class and held up his wand.The wardrobe handle turned,and the door slowly opened.As a fake Prof.Snape walked out of it,you loudly said "I told'ja he'd come out of the closet soon!" The class(and even your uncle!) collapsed into fits of laughter as everyone hated Snape."Riddikulus!" said Neville, and Snape was suddenly wearing Neville's grandmother's clothes.The class began laughing again and formed a line.
  6. Before it was your go,the boggart turned into a mummy,a banshee,a rattlesnake,a bloody eyeball and a giant spider.When it was your go,the boggart turned into Voldemort,and the class gasped.You yelled "Riddikulus,and Voldemort was suddenly wearing a bikini.The whole room once again collapsed into laughter and Harry walked forward,but before he could have a go,Remus gave house points and homework.When you went out of the classroom,the class was still laughing and talking.The news of your joke about Snape, him wearing Neville's grandmother's clothes,and Voldemort in a bikini spread quickly.That evening,the whole school was laughing whenever Snape passed.When you went to the common room after dinner,it was empty apart from you,Harry,Ron,Hermione and Ginny.
  7. You sat on the sofa in between Ginny and Harry,facing Hermione and Ron who was still glaring at you."WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" you finally burst out."HE'S OUR CAPTAIN!! OUR CAPTAIN ____!"."WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!"."YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! WE SAW YOU KISSING HIM!!". "SO?!" you and Ron were yelling at each other and Harry shouted "STOP! Ron,it doesn't matter-" "YES IT DOES!" Your short temper got the better of you and you stormed up to your room.You lay on your bed and thought about:
  8. Hermione and Ginny came up to the room a while later,and you asked them how Ron knew."Is it true?" asked Ginny."yeah" you relied."We were walking back from Hagrid's under Harry's invisibility cloak,and we saw you.But it was an accident!" said Hermione.
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