A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 11)

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This is part 11 of the philosophers stone. Christmas is over now, everyone has come back to Hogwarts to continue the school year, and it's time for you to continue your adventure.

Seems that Draco is still trying to get you to like him again, but is it working...? Better hurry up and decide if you forgive him, when you're alone in the dark forest, you need someone you can trust.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. Everyone arrived back at Hogwarts at night, in time for dinner. You saw Hermione and spoke to her briefly before Ron and Harry came and started speaking to her too. Even after dinner you didn't have any time to tell her about Christmas, maybe you wouldn't.....maybe it will just be your little secret. But if you were to ask her how to fix the snake bracelet, surely she would ask where you got it from....What do you do?
  2. It didn't matter anyway, at least not now. The next day all of you went to the library because Hermione wanted to show you something, probably to do with Nicholas Flamel. "I had you looking in the wrong section. How could I be so stupid?!" Hermione said as she slammed a large thick book on the table in front of you. "I checked this book out weeks ago as a bit of light reading." "This is light?" Ron asked shocked because of the size of the book used with the term light reading. You had to agree, your definition of light reading didn't count as that book, Hermione just glared at him and continued. She opened it and found the page about Nicholas Flamel. "Here it is......Nicholas Flamel is the only known maker of the Philosophers Stone." She gasped. "The what?" You questioned as you had never heard of the stone, Ron and Harry looked as though they didn't know either but Hermione wasn't very impressed, "Honestly don't you read...! The Philosophers stone is a legendary substance with astonishing powers; it can transform any metal into pure gold and produces the elixir of life, which will make the drinker immortal." "Immortal...." Ron said in almost awe. "It means you'll never die." Hermione stated. "I know what it means!" Ron said getting angry; you had to touch his arm to calm him as he leaned across the table to Hermione.
  3. Harry shushed you, because for some reason he was very interested in the subject of the stone, and Hermione continued to read aloud to you. "The only stone currently in existence belongs to Mr Nicholas Flamel, the noted alchemist who last year celebrated his 665th birthday..." She said as You, Harry and Ron looked at each other with amazed faces, Hermione then continued, "THAT'S what Fluffy's guarding on the 3rd floor! THAT'S what's under the trap door! The Philosophers stone." She declared. You all agreed with Hermione's theory, although you still didn't understand why they couldn't just leave good enough alone. As Hagrid was the person who let Nicholas Flamel's name slip, you all decided to see him later that night, to tell him that you know about the Philosophers stone.
  4. After everyone was meant to be in the common rooms, all of you went to go visit Hagrid; you didn't take the cloak of Invisibility, we agreed that four people couldn't fit under it so you all just tried to be careful. It was quite dark that night and had been raining a lot which made the atmosphere cold. You sort of ran to Hagrid's little hut by the edge of the dark forest and banged on the door. He quickly opened it, he was wearing and apron and a large pair of oven mitts, he said hello but he then told you to go away in such a way that it seemed like he was hiding something. Before he completely shut the door on you you all quickly said that you know about the Philosophers stone at the same time; he opened the door and said "Oh." In a disappointed kind of way and let you into his house. "We think Snape's trying to steal it." Harry told him as you all walked in and sat on some massive chairs; you and Hermione managed to both fit on one, your legs dangled over the edge, you're feet didn't touch the floor-they barely even reached halfway. Harry and Ron sat next to each other on a bench opposite you; Hagrid's dog, Fang was sitting next to Ron. "Snape? Blimey you're not still on him are ya?" Hagrid said as he faced Harry. "Hagrid we know he's after the stone, we just don't know why." Harry said as he tried to convince him. "Snape is one of the teachers protecting the stone! He's not about to steal it." "What?" You said confused with this new piece of information. "You heard...." Hagrid said as he turned round to face you. "Come on now I'm a bit preoccupied today." He continued saying as he gestured his hands to shoo you out.
  5. "Wait...one of the teachers?" Harry asked as none of you made any effort to leave. "Of course!" Hermione exclaimed, "There are other things defending the stone, aren't there?! Spells, enchantments." You didn't listen to Hagrid reply to Hermione; you were too busy watching and giggling as Fang moved his head close to Ron as he sniffed him with big clumps of drool hanging out of his mouth, Ron just edged his head further and further away from Fang as he got closer to him. You only got distracted from watching them, when something in a cauldron hanging over the fire in Hagrid's fireplace started rattling. Hagrid reached inside of it and picked up what looked to be a big golden egg, he almost ran over to the table making strange noises because it was hot. He placed it on the table and sat down in front of it; all of you followed him and gathered around the table, curious to what it was.
  6. "Umm...err....Hagrid...? Wha...What is that?" You asked pointing to it. Ron leaned close to it with a fascinated look on his face. "That...it's...um...it's umm..." He said sounding like he wasn't even sure himself. "I know what that is..." Ron said amazed, in all honesty you never expected those words to come out of Ron's mouth, it was more like something that Hermione would say, "But Hagrid...How did you get one?" Ron continued, looking at Hagrid, waiting for him to reply. "Well actually I won it, off a stranger down the pub. Seemed quite glad to be rid of it as a matter of fact." After he said that it started to rattle again, Ron moved back away from the table as if to brace himself for the horror that will emerge, Harry did the same but only slightly, Hermione just stood there looking indifferent and you looked on intrigued. Suddenly it exploded and you put your arm up to cover your face as bits of shell came flying at you. A winged arm came out of the top of, what you now know is definitely an egg; the creature then stood on the remains of its shell and flicked its tail about. It was definitely a dragon; you had seen pictures of them before. It turned to face Ron and almost slipped off the table, it may have looked quite ugly but you had to admit-it was sweet. "Is that.........a dragon?" Hermione asked. "That's not just a dragon. That's a Norwegian Ridgeback. My brother Charlie works with these in Romania." Ron whispered in fascination but you guess it was probably also because he was trying not to scare the baby dragon.
  7. Hagrid was saying how beautiful the dragon was and how he knows his "mummy", he even managed to stroke it. "Hello Norbert." "Norbert? He needs a name, but not Norbert!" You said jokingly, so you didn't sound rude, as you felt that it was such a strange name. "Yeah well, he's got to have a name, and the first name I thought of was Norbert." Hagrid replied sticking to his naming judgement. "I quite like the name for a dragon." Hermione said. "See..." Hagrid said as he gestured to Hermione, "She likes it, so he's going to be called Norbert." He finished off saying as he tickled the dragon's neck. The dragon had a hiccup and breathed a bit of fire on Hagrid's beard but he quickly put it out, "Of course he'll have to be trained up a little bit..." Hagrid said as he examined the damage done to his beard, "Hey who's that...?" He said as he looked at the window." "Malfoy." Harry said in disgust as he saw Draco before he ran away because he was spotted. "Oh dear..." Hagrid said gravely, "You lot best be off before Malfoy gets you in big trouble." He said as he showed you out the door; this time you all left because you knew that he was right. What was Malfoy doing there?
  8. You all quickly got back into the castle and made your way back to the common room. On the way there Harry was talking to all of you, "Hagrid always wanted a dragon; told me so the first time I met him." "Crazy, and worst Malfoy knows." Ron said. Just after he said that McGonagall stepped out of her classroom with a candle in her hands, but none of you noticed. "I don't understand is that bad?" Hermione said oblivious to the kind of person Malfoy was. "Of course it's bad." Ron said, you all looked up after he finished speaking and saw the Professor standing there, "Good evening." She said and Draco came out to stand behind her, he gave a smirk at Hermione, Harry and Ron but when it came to you it left his face. You all went into her classroom and you four had to stand in front of her desk while Draco leaned on a desk away from all of you looking quite pleased with himself. "Nothing. I repeat nothing....gives a student the right to walk about the school at night. Therefore as punishment for your actions 50 points will be taken..." "50!" Harry exclaimed. You looked over to Draco to scowl at him for ratting you out, he was smirking at Harry's outburst and didn't notice you looking at him, but when he did he stopped. "Each. And to ensure it doesn't happen again, all 5 of you will receive detention." McGonagall continued. Draco was caught off guard and you gave him a smug smile because his plan didn't go the way he planned; he moved away from the desk and walked towards the professor, "Excuse me Professor, perhaps I heard you wrong, I thought you said the 5 of us....?" He said with a smile that quickly faded when McGonagall said, "No, you heard me correctly Mr. Malfoy. You see, you lied to me, you never mentioned that Ms._______________ was with them." Why do you think he lied?
  9. You, Harry, Ron and Hermione shot Draco a glance, he saw and looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed but not blushing. "Also as honourable as your intentions were, you too were out of bed after hours. You will join your classmates in detention." Draco looked back over at the four of you clearly unhappy as you all exchange smug looks. "You will meet Filch in this room tomorrow night, instead of going to your common rooms, for detention." McGonagall said before she dismissed you. As you walked back to the common room Ron asked a question that even you didn't know the answer to: "Why do you think Malfoy didn't tell McGonagall that _____________ was with us?" "I don't know. It's not like we are friends." You told them. "Well he did give you that bracelet." Harry pointed out. "Yeah but that was for secret Santa, we had to get each other a present, besides I'm not even wearing it..." You said as you showed them your wrists "Haven't been for ages, they've gone a bit strange." "Wait...what bracelet?" Hermione asked. "During Christmas _____________ had an idea to play secret Santa. Draco picked her name out of the box and for her present he got her a bracelet with snakes on it, what was that thing he said when he gave it to her Harry?" "So you always have a part of Slytherin with you." Harry said. "But what is wrong with it?" Hermione asked. "Umm...I think you'll find out when we get in the dorms. I think it's better if I show you." You told her. You all quickly got back to the common room and Hermione soon found out what you were on about by saying that the bracelet has gone strange. You opened the drawer quietly because everyone in the room was asleep, and showed her the snakes still slithering around and hissing. "That was a bracelet?! What happened to it?!" She whispered but still expressing her emotion. "I...I don't know! One day it was a bracelet and then the next morning it was like this! I have no idea how to fix it!" "I'll try to look how to fix it for you. Has it been enchanted?" You didn't know whether you should tell her that you can hear Draco's thoughts when you wear it and he can hear yours, so you just said, "I don't know but I don't think it was enchanted to turn into snakes!" "Have you tried touching the snakes, maybe they respond to touch?" "I was going to but it looked like it was about to bite me, so I didn't." "We'll work out how to fix it; it's ok. Night." She said and went to her bed and went to sleep.
  10. The next night you all met Filch at McGonagall's classroom like she said and followed him out of the castle, the four of you walked together but Draco walked in front of you close to Filch. You were quite surprised that Draco showed up to detention, you would have bet the most money that he would be the one not to come. You thought that the detention was kind of ironic; being give detention for being out of bed after hours and for detention you are outside after hours. As you all followed Filch he mumbled to himself about how he missed the old punishments, "There was a time where detention meant that you find yourself hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons. God I miss the screaming..." Sometimes you felt that Filch really scared you, actually it was more like most of the time. He led you all to Hagrid's hut and told you that we would be serving detention with Hagrid because he has a special job that needs to be done in the dark forest, "Filch has got to be joking! It's dangerous inside there..." you thought.
  11. "A sorry lot this Hagrid..." Filch said, "Oh good man you're not still on about that bloody dragon are ya?!" Hagrid sniffed and said, "Norbert's gone. Dumbledore sent him off to Romania to live in a colony." "Yeah but that's good isn't it? He'll be with his own kind." Hermione said trying to be optimistic. "Yeah but what if he don't like Romania? What if the other dragons are mean to him? He's only a baby after all." Hagrid said. Filch rolled his eyes at Hagrid's response, "Oh for God's sake, pull yourself together man, you're going into the forest after all.....got to have yer wits about ya....." "The forest?! I thought that was a joke! We can't go in there! Students aren't allowed, and there are...." Draco protested obviously scared...but then again...you all were. Just when he paused thinking of something to say, in the distance you heard a werewolf howl. "There are werewolves..." "Ah there are more than werewolves in those trees lad, you can be sure of that..." Filch said emphasising the ending "T" in "that", "Nighty night" He said as he walked away from you all, back to the castle. When Filch left, you all followed Hagrid into the forest, staying quite close to him out of fear. The forest was full of very tall trees that provided almost no cover if you were hiding from something; it was misty in there too which gave it a very eerie feeling. Hagrid stopped at a particular spot and crouched down by a small metallic puddle; he dipped two fingers in it and you realised that the liquid looked almost like a combination of paint and glue. "See that..." Hagrid said as he showed you all the stuff on his fingers, "That's unicorn's blood that is. I found one dead a few weeks ago, now this one has been hurt bad by something and it's our job to go find the poor beast."

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