A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 5)

This is part 5 of a Philosophers Stone. It's going quite well, but not a lot of people are taking it so...... Like i keep saying this is going to be a lot of parts!

In this part your life practically flashes before your eyes. Will you die? Will you be saved by one of your heroic boys? Thanks to Natuhleegayle for help in the main part of the quiz and what's going to happen in the next quiz.

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. You breathe in and out slowly calming yourself as you head towards the Quidditch pitch, you just keep reminding yourself about what Ron said "Don't quit, you're going to do brilliantly." You reach the Quidditch pitch and see Oliver standing there in smiling at you with a big box on the ground with his broom next to it. "Hello ________, you ready to learn about Quidditch and how to become a Seeker?" He asks in his cute Scottish accent. "I think so." You reply. How are you feeling?
  2. "Ok. So lets start learning about the balls and how to play Quidditch." He said as he opened the big brown chest. "Quidditch is easy enough to understand, each team has 7 players-3 chasers, 2 beaters, a keeper and a Seeker. Hopefully the Seeker will be you." From the chest he gets out a big brown ball that looks like it has got 4 spheres cut out of it. He throws the ball to you, you catch it and start to examine it. "There are 3 kinds of balls, this one is called a Quaffle. Now the chasers handle the Quaffle and try to put it through one of those three hoops." He pointed to three hoops on the Quidditch pitch that are different heights in the air. "The keeper, that's me, defends the hoops. With me so far?"
  3. "Yeah, it's pretty easy to understand. What are those?" You said as you pointed to these to dark brown balls that have been strapped into the chest and are shaking like someone on a sugar rush. They are about the size of a small cannonball-or so you imagine. "You better take this." He says as he hands you a bat;unsure of why you need it you cautiously take the bat from Oliver. Oliver kneels back down on the ground and unlatches on of the balls, the ball shot straight into the air and suddenly you realize that it probably why you need the bat. Once the ball went as far as it could go in the sky, it plummeted to the ground with increasing speed. "Careful now _______ it's coming back." He said. You readied yourself as you would have when you used to play rounders in your muggle school, before you joined Hogwarts. You were quite good at hitting the ball in rounders. You stood there and swung the bat back and gave an almighty hit as the ball came near you. Why did you put so much effort to hit the ball even though you're trying to be Seeker, not a beater?
  4. "Brilliant ________, you'd make a fair beater." He said as you both watched the ball go high over the school. Suddenly the ball started coming back towards you. "Uh oh!" Oliver said as he shoved you out the way, before the ball hit you, and caught it. Oliver was almost wrestling with the ball on the ground. Weird noises were coming from the ball as Oliver held it against him and squirmed towards the chest on the floor. He finally made it back to the chest and shoved the ball back into it's compartment while he is still wrestling with it; He latches the ball back up again and stands up panting. "What was that?!" You said amazed. "Bludgers. Nasty little buggers." He said while smiling at you. You laughed at him because you thought it was funny. "But you ....." He pointed at you and winked, "You are going to be a Seeker." He continues and opens a small compartment in the chest, and gets out a small golden ball that definitely fits in your hand. What is this ball called?
  5. "The only thing I want you to worry about is this......" He said while handing you the ball. "The Golden Snitch" You interrupted and took the ball from his hands. "That's right!" He said happy; maybe because he's happy that you know something about Quidditch. "Do you know anything about the Golden Snitch?" He said suddenly interested that he didn't have to do all the talking, or maybe it's just to her your voice again. "Well........the Golden snitch is super fast and near impossible to see. I have to catch it before the other teams Seeker- whoever catches the Golden Snitch wins the game." You said enthusiastically as you let the Snitch rest in your hand. Wings popped out of the Snitch and started flapping so fast you could barely see them, then it took off out of your and started flying away from you very very quickly. Oliver quickly caught the Snitch before it flew away. So have you changed your mind about being Seeker after seeing the Snitch?
  6. "Great so now you know how to play Quidditch. Next i'm going to put you through some flying exercises, to see how well you fly. But don't worry i hear you fly excellently, i just want to see how well." He said as he mounted his broom and you did the same. You both flew around the pitch twice, Oliver then had you doing some imaginary dodging. You were just hovering while Oliver would say "Bludger coming towards your left! or "A beater is coming on your right!" and you would pretend to dodge the obstacle. Then he taught you how to do a nose dive straight towards the ground, in case the Snitch is heading that way, and quickly pull up without hurting yourself or breaking your broom. After that he had you hovering in the air pretending to wait till you see the Snitch. You were hovering perfectly, Oliver was on the other side of the pitch letting you do this completely by yourself. Suddenly you started wobbling on your broom, but you didn't know why-you were holding the broom exactly the same way a minute ago and nothing happened. What's going on?
  7. The broom didn't stop wobbling but almost got worst and worst. "_______!!" Oliver cried as he saw you practically falling off of your broom. He quickly flew over to you and re-positioned your hands on the broom. But the broom continued to shake and you were almost falling off again. He put his arms around you in a loose kind of hug to hold you in place; but as the shaking got worst and worst he had to hold you closer and tighter so you wouldn't fall off. From the ground it must look like he was giving you a long, big hug. Then all of a sudden, even with Oliver holding you, some force threw you off the broom and you started falling to the ground. "________!!!!" Oliver screamed as he zoomed down as fast as he could on his broom to catch you. "OLIVER HELP!!" You screamed as the ground was getting closer and closer. I guess this is the end?
  8. You were practically meters from smashing into the ground and ending your life when, "Got you!" Oliver said relieved as he grabbed you and saved your life. You were crying out of shock and relief as Oliver put you on the ground and stood next to you asking if you were OK. Tears were streaming down your face, never before has your life literally flashed before your eyes. Oliver was kneeling on the ground with his hands on your shoulders shaking you a little trying to get you to answer him, but you were too dazed to pay attention what was happening. "________! _________! Are you OK?!" Oliver said frantically. You got back to reality and just gave him a big hug. It was so sudden that you both fell over on the floor, but you were still hugging him, thanking him for saving you. He stood up but you didn't want to let go and after a while he returned your hug. The hug was so reassuring and calming you felt better already. "_________." He said calmly and let go of you, but you still held on. "________, look at me." He said again. You let go and stood back to look at him. "__________, practice is over today, i think we've done enough." He said and you gave each other a calm smile. You sighed and said "Thank you so much Oliver, you saved my life. I owe you so much." You gave him another hug and walked back to the common room. Are you OK?
  9. You were walking towards the common room when you saw Draco. You walked past him when he turned and grabbed your arm, he must of noticed that there was something wrong. "_________ are you OK? You look really pale-almost as if you've seen a ghost, but at Hogwarts that's entirely possible!" He asked and joked trying to make you feel better. "heh heh, yeah! Yeah i'm fine thanks Draco." You said really unenthusiastic and you left it at that. You bumped into Neville while going to the common room as well. You've only seen Neville in Transfiguration class because you sit next to him, but you've never really spoken to him only to ask him a couple of questions. "Hey _________ are you OK? You look unwell." He asked you as he saw your pale face. "Yeah I'm fine Neville, but thanks for asking." You answered and gave him a smile to show that you are fine.You reached the painting outside of the common room and said "Caput Draconis." You entered the common room and found Harry sitting there, probably waiting for you to come back from training before he went outside. "uh.... hello _____ how did training go....?" He asked but you completely blanked him, plus you weren't entirely sure whether you could tell each other how training went. You just solemnly walked up the stairs not even answering Harry and went into the girls dorms. You laid down on your bed and closed your eyes hoping that what happened at Quidditch training never actually happened and it was just your imagination. How are you feeling?
  10. You were having a nice dream, when you were woken up by a loud commotion in the common room area. You couldn't be bothered to sit up, so you just laid in bed and tried to listen to what was happening. There was about three or four voices, or maybe there was just one, you don't think very clearly when you wake up. You think that you can kind of make out the voice of Ron and Harry, and maybe at times Hermione. They were having an argument about something, but you weren't quite sure what it was. You laid there for a little bit, still listening to the argument and wondering whether you should go downstairs and see what it's about or just go back to sleep. What do you think you should do?

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