A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 10)

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This is part 10 of The Philosopher's Stone. You find out some interesting things today from two people................................................

I wonder whether Oliver has thought about asking you on that date yet...? Christmas is almost over at Hogwarts, which means you'll soon be back on your adventure with the golden trio.

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. "I don't know what they were doing." Ron said annoyed. "Maybe you should ask them, there wasn't any mistletoe before I saw them." You stated. "Are you telling me that you think that my brothers made the mistletoe grow!" Ron angrily said. "Maybe...Besides you're meant to kiss people when you're under mistletoe, no matter who they are. It's not like me and Draco are "Something", we're not even friends-he's a SLYTHERIN!" "Fine! But don't get the idea that it was my brothers that made the mistletoe" He said ending the argument, then went upstairs. You stayed by the fire for a little while longer then went upstairs to bed. The days went quickly after that and before you knew it, it was New Years Eve.
  2. You woke up on New Years Eve to the sound of hissing snakes .You usually wake up in stages but the sound of snakes in the bedroom completely changed everything. You looked around the bedroom from the safety of your bed, and saw nothing which freaked you out more; but since you couldn't see them you had to go looking for them. Still sitting on your bed you peered over the edge to look under your bed, you saw nothing except for your suitcase which blocked you from seeing to the other side; so you went to the other side of your bed and looked under it, the hissing was louder but you still saw nothing. The drawer by the side of your bed was shaking a little bit, so you opened it to find the two snakes from you bracelet had separated and are alive, hissing and slithering around in the draw. You were about to touch one of the snakes until it rose the top half of its body up and bared its fangs, afraid it was going to bite you quickly shut the drawer and quickly left the dormitory.
  3. You went down to the common room and saw a note on the sofa address to you. You open it and read what it says, "Hey ___________, so meet me in the common room tonight? Promise we won't go anywhere near the Black Lake. Oliver." A small smile spread across your face and after reading it again, you put it in your pocket and went to the Great Hall for breakfast. There wasn't that many people there, but you saw Neville so you decided to sit next to him. "Hey Neville.""Hey __________. How are you?" "I'm good. Remember that bracelet Draco gave me for Christmas?" "Yeah, why?" "The snakes came alive and were slithering and hissing in the drawer this morning, any idea how to fix them?" "I think you've gone kind of mad, but maybe you should ask Draco. He's looking at you over there." He said pointing to where Draco was. "Well I don't want to talk to him." You said and glared at Draco, who looked away sorry. "OK..... What's that?" He asked pointing to the note which was poking out of your pocket. "Umm.....nothing really, it's just that Oliver wants me to meet him in the common room tonight." You said with another small smile and you slightly blushed. "The captain of the Quidditch team?!" Neville gasped, "You're going on a date with Oliver Wood?" "Shhh! Not so loudly! It's hardly a date; he's a fifth year and I'm a first, hardly like anything's going to happen. Besides, I don't know whether I'm going to go." You told him. He calmed down after that and you both stopped talking; you finished your breakfast and then went for a walkabout around the castle, you didn't see anyone you knew for quite a long time until you ran into Ron.
  4. "Hey ___________, I was.... actually looking for you." Ron said. "Oh really? Why?" "I wanted to apologise, for the other night in the common room. It was.....it was my brothers.....who made the mistletoe grow......." He said nervously. "Oh. Well, it was....nice of them to tell you, I guess." You awkwardly said. "Yeah, I guess so. You know, it was them too who jinxed your broom during your practice with Oliver. I guess it was kind of their fault you didn't become the "proper" Seeker, trouble makers they are." "Yeah Oliver said it was them. Thanks for telling me though; do you want to come walk round the castle with me?" "Yeah sure." Ron said and you both walked around the castle together. You didn't really talk much, and you definitely didn't tell him about Oliver's note. All too soon though it was time to go back to the common rooms and you still hadn't decided if you are going to meet Oliver. Sometimes you wished Hermione was here. You went to your bed, the snakes were still hissing but you tried to ignore them and put on a pair of trousers and a jumper. You decided that you might as well go; it wasn't like anyone was going to see you or that something was going to happen; besides it would be a bit of fun. You went down to the common room to see Oliver sitting alone on the red sofa muttering to himself. You couldn't completely hear what he was talking to himself about but you could make out snippets like "we are not going to be unnoticed." And ".....if she will meet me". You suddenly feel a bit nervous for an unknown reason. "Oliver?" you whispered being careful not to be too loud but still loud enough for Oliver to hear. He stood up and turned to face you, "_______________, I didn't really think that you would meet me." "Well you did say that we should do it again and I told you that I would-as long as I don't have a dunk in the Black Lake." You said as you walked towards him and you smiled at each other. "Come on then, I'm sure if we're quiet we can get to the place where I want to take you." He said as he walked to the entrance. "Well, that sounds interesting....but instead of sneaking about where a professor can spot us immediately, I have a better idea...." You said with a smirk.
  5. "What?" He asked confused. "It's worth it I promise; but it involves me sneaking into the first year boy's dormitory and stealing something...." Oliver looked unsure but you reassured him that you know what you're doing and before he could object, you went back up the stairs and went in the boy's room. You crept about the room looking for Harry's bed and once you found where he was you looked for his cloak. You took the cloak making minimal noise and returned downstairs to Oliver who was waiting for you to explain the plan. "Well...?" Oliver asked. "Got it." You said waving the cloak in the air. "A...cloak?" He doubtfully said. "Oh Oliver, it's not just a cloak; it's like saying that the Nimbus 2000 is just a broom. This....this is an invisibility cloak; if we put it on we can go around the castle without being seen." "Okay if you say so." He said as he took a part of the cloak and put it around himself whilst you put the other part around yourself. Once you both were completely invisible you left the common room and followed Oliver to the place he wanted to take you. You soon found yourself outside the castle and standing in front of a tree by the black lake.
  6. "Why here?" You asked hoping that you didn't sound rude. "Well, I have so many memories here. I know that I said we wouldn't go near the Lake but I won't throw you in this time, this time I really promise." "It's fine. Out of sight out of mind, right?" You said as you sat down by the tree. You didn't hear him but as Oliver sat down next to you he said under his breath, "not all the time." You sat close to each other and put the cloak over both of you, so that you were still invisible, and looked up at the stars. "The stars...I've never seen them this beautiful of bright before...." You whispered. "They're not the only things that are bright and beautiful tonight...." Oliver whispered back looking at you. You blushed and let out a small laugh, "If you think I'm bright, you obviously haven't met Hermione Granger; and I'm not beautiful." "I have heard of Hermione, friends with You, Ron and Harry, spends most of her time in the library and she was the person who went looking for the troll..." He stated, "Yes she is probably very clever, but she spends most of her life reading books and that doesn't make her as fun as you are, and you are beautiful-to some people." You suddenly felt quite awkward about it after the realization that maybe this is a date. Do you end it here, or let it continue?
  7. "Oliver, you're so cute and sweet, but isn't there anyone for you in fifth year or fourth or something? I just don't know why me...?" "There is no one that I think could be any better than you; out of sight out of mind is not true when it comes to you. I always think about you, about when I first saw you on the train; you bumped into me and before you just walked away without saying anything, I smiled and said sorry. Then just by chance you got sorted into Gryffindor, I thought it couldn't get any more perfect and then you became part of the Quidditch team! " He said. You feel flattered, but you wonder whether it would really have been that bad if you got sorted into any of the other houses; like Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin. "It wouldn't really have mattered that much if I was sorted in Hufflepuff, or the other two-would it, I mean, I'm still the same person." Oliver gave an uneasy look, "Well..., no it wouldn't matter if you were in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, to me anyways, it would just mean I'd see less of you; if you were in Slytherin that one would be tricky, if either Slytherin or Gryffindor found out that someone in their house had something going on between them, you'd be looked down on..But I'd risk it." He said turning to you. You couldn't help but think of Draco when Oliver was talking about Gryffindor and Slytherin, "No I mustn't think about him! I hate him! I'm here with Oliver..." You thought to yourself.
  8. You continued to talk with Oliver and minutes passed quite quickly and soon you started to feel tired. He was talking to you, when you let out an almighty yawn; you quickly apologised saying that it wasn't because he was boring; you were just tired after a long day. He said it was fine, but you should go to sleep; neither of you made any effort to get up to go back to the common room, you both could stay there by the tree because of Harry's cloak, besides going back to your bed meant listening to the snakes hissing. Instead you snuggled up to Oliver, head on his chest and his arm around you, holding you close with his head rested lightly on yours. You turned your head a little to look into his big brown eyes and asked "Aren't you sleeping too?" "No, I'm not tired; it's OK, you go to sleep." He said and kissed you lightly on the top of your head. You rested your head back to its original position on his chest, took in a deep breath and closed your eyes.
  9. Oliver gently shook you awake in the morning because he thought that you might like to watch the sunrise. It was quite early and you don't think that anyone else was awake at this time, but you got up and sat facing the Black Lake with Oliver, his arm around you and your head resting on his shoulder, watching the first sunrise of a new year. The sun rose slowly illuminating the dark sky as it rose further up into the clouds, it was beautiful, but something was bothering you. Apart from the fact that you had only been at Hogwarts for a couple of months and Oliver has been here for 5 years; he was your captain and Harry's too...and it wasn't like Oliver was going to be with you until you leave...you had to stop it. Not completely, at least not this stage, where he says that you're beautiful, kisses you on the head, in other words, just stop it from turning out like last night. You looked at Oliver who was looking very handsome as the golden morning light shone on his face, but you couldn't let that stop you from telling him, "Oliver..." "What's wrong?" "I really don't know how to say this, I loved last night, I really did...but I don't really...umm...." You said but then got stuck with your words and started laughing. Oliver looked at you confused but you just said, "I hate it when you know what you want to say, but just can't put it in words. Anyway, what I am trying to say, I think, is towards the end of my second year and the rest of my third, then I will be happy to do this...all over again. Just not until then." Oliver looked as if he understood and agreed, but neither of you moved from you positions together, after all the other Hogwarts students are coming back today and who knows when you two will be alone like this again...
  10. You sat there together until you thought that it was late enough and people would be starting to wake up. You stood up and put the cloak over you one more time, then started back towards the common room. Once back in the empty common room you were about to go up the stairs to return Harry's cloak , but Oliver took your arm, pulled you back towards him and gave you a light and quick kiss on the lips. You smiled and blushed quite hard, "Goodbye Oliver......." You told him. "It's not really goodbye....more like farewell, or till the next time; we'll be together again, towards the end of your second and the whole of your third, remember?" He said and let you go. You went up the stairs and instead of sneaking into the boys dormitories, because some of them would be awake; you just knocked on the door. Ron opened the door, "Hi ____________." "Morning Ron; hey can you give Harry's cloak back to him, I sort of borrowed it last night." You said handing him the cloak. "Why'd you take it?" He questioned. "Umm.....Nicholas Flamel....I went to see if I could find anything about Nicholas Flamel in the library-the restricted section." You lied to Ron. He seemed to believe you and told you that he would give it to Harry, you thanked him and then went to go have breakfast, the others would be back soon and you needed to tell someone about what has happened over Christmas, someone like Hermione.

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