A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 3)

This is part 3 of the Philosopher's Stone. I am now beginning to think that this is going to be hard work and a lot of parts! And on top of that i'm running out of ideas!

Please give me ideas! I don't know where i should put a twist in it or where to make moments with Draco,Harry,Ron,Oliver or Neville! Please help me and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. You wake up early the next morning. Hermione made sure that you wouldn't be late for your first lesson at Hogwarts. You may not like it but you and Hermione have become quite good friends in a very short space of time. You both get ready and arrive in your first lesson on time. You try to look to see if Harry or Ron were there but you couldn't find them. You would have sat next to Hermione but she sat next to another one of her friends.......You look around,there are some empty spaces. Who do you sit next to?
  2. You were thinking about sitting next to Draco and he was watching you probably wondering where you were going to sit or hoping that you would sit next to him. You were moving to go sit next to Draco when Goyle went and sat next to him. Seeing that the seat next to Draco was already taken, you decide to sit next to Neville. Maybe this way you can get to know him more. You sat down and your teacher Mrs Mcgonagall, the old lady you saw on your first day that sorted you into your houses, set you your work. But you can't help wondering, where are Harry and Ron?
  3. You started your work and after 2 minutes you look around to see everyone else-but for some reason Mrs Mcgonagall had disappeared and been replaced by a cat sitting on her desk. You whisper to Neville "Where's the Professor gone?" He told you that she turned into a cat,it's her animagus. You believed Neville, after all it is Hogwarts. After a while Harry and Ron burst in the room. You looked up to see if the professor had changed back into human form, but she hadn't. They ran to the front and Ron said "Thank Gd we made it. Can you imagine the look on old Mcgonagall's face if we were late!" You couldn't help but snicker as you new that she was really the cat and they didn't. Mcgonagall jumped off the desk and landed in human form in front of them; she told them to not be late again and to got to their seats. What do you think of Mcgonagall?
  4. Next class was potions with Professor Snape. You can tell that he doesn't really like teaching potions because not that many people take an interest in it. He speaks in the same dreary monotone which can get annoying after a while. You weren't really that interested in potions until he started telling everyone how he can teach you to how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses, brew glory, bottle fame and even put a stopper in death. You are next to Harry and while Snape is talking about what he can teach us, Harry is idly writing those things down. Snape notices and starts asking Harry questions that even you don't know the answers to and nor does Harry; but obviously Hermione knows every one of the answers. According to Snape fame is obviously not everything-but what do you think?
  5. After potions class was break. You sat in the great hall with Hermione, Ron and Harry and practically everyone else. For a couple of minutes there was a constant rhythm of Seamus chanting "Eye of rabbit heartstring hum, turn this water into rum." He kept doing the spell over and over again because it didn't work, until it exploded. Everyone started laughing at Seamus and then the mail came. Owls were dropping gifts everywhere, you got a small bottle of your favourite perfume. Neville got a remembrall according to Hermione the smoke turns red when you've forgotten something. Neville held it and the smoke turned red, he said that the problem is that he doesn't know what he's forgotten. Does he have a point?
  6. Harry borrowed Ron's newspaper that he got in the mail and it said that someone broke into Gringotts- a wizard bank. He said that the strange thing is that the person who broke in went to the same vault he and Hagrid went to; but the robber didn't get anything because Harry and Hagrid had emptied the vault that same day. Break was soon over and the next lesson was flying, your dad had been a good quidditch player and a great flyer, you hope that some of his talent was passed onto you. Madam Hooch was your teacher. "Everyone walk up to the left side of their broomstick, stick your right hand over the broom and say up." You had your fathers broomstick, you hope it brings you good luck. You put your hand over the broom and say up. Does it come up straight away?
  7. Your broom comes up straight away. Looks like the talent might have passed on! Harry and Draco's comes up at the first time too. Hermione looks at you and Harry confused because hers still hasn't come up yet. Ron's broom hits him in the face, you and Harry start laughing at him till he tells you to shut up playfully. Once everyone has their brooms in their hand she tells you some instructions and blows her whistle. Neville starts flying upwards on his broom; he seems confused and so is everyone else because we weren't meant to be doing anything yet. He starts to fly away and Madam Hooch is just standing there shouting after him. No one else does anything but shout at him to. He obviously doesn't know what he is doing or how to fly, he is going to end up getting hurt. Do you do anything?
  8. Someone has to help him! He's flying away with no one doing anything. While everyone is distracted you hop on your broom and fly after him. For someone who has never flown on a broom before you're doing pretty well. Everyone has noticed you flying after Neville and Madam Hooch and everyone else are now yelling both of you're names.Ignoring Madam yelling to come back down,you speed up to Neville, grab his clothes and yank him off his broom. His broom falls back to the ground but at least you saved Neville. How do you feel about this accomplishment?
  9. He slipped out of your hand a couple of meters before the ground. he lands on his hand and broke it. At least you potentially saved him from greater harm! Madam Hooch helped Neville up and told everyone to keep their feet on the ground, anyone caught flying will be out of Hogwarts quicker than they can say Quidditch. Madam took him to the hospital wing; she also asked for you to come with her before leaving the class alone. You think that you are in great trouble. Madam drops Neville off at the hospital and then takes you to Professor Mcgonagall-the leader of Gryffindor. What do you think is going to happen to you?
  10. It surprises you that when you are in Mcgonagall's office Madam Hooch says that you could be an excellent seeker. Mcgonagall seems interested, then she looks round and sees Harry catch Neville's remembrall. All 3 of you run out of the office to your class. Mcgonagall calls Harry Potter and she takes you both to see someone. Madam Hooch stays with the class to continue the lesson. You are both following Mcgonagall through the castle when she interrupts Professor Qurriells lesson to take out someone called Oliver Wood. He walks out the classroom and you immediately recognize him as the other boy you bumped into the train. The professor introduces you both and Oliver gives you that same cute smile he did on the train. "Wood, I have found you two seekers!" What are you thinking?

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