A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone

This is my Hogwarts love story. I'm going to try do the story in the 7 main parts, e.g Philosopher's stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban,etc.

I haven't completely finished this one; i think it's going to have a few parts to it. Please comment and rate, i want to know what you think and your ideas to put in further ones because i'm pretty sure i'm going to get writers block.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. You arrive at Kings cross station and before she left your mother said to go to platform 9 3/4 and handed you a ticket. 9 3/4? You have never heard of that platform before-What do you do?
  2. You were standing on platform 9 when you heard someone mention "muggles" Since only wizards use that word, you decided to go ask them if they know where the platform is. You see 4 ginger haired boys, two of whom must be twins because they look the same. There is an older woman there too with ginger hair, and a young girl who must be her daughter. From behind one of the pillars you see one of the boys run towards the pillar 10 and 9; then suddenly he disappeared! What happened?
  3. From behind the other pillar you see a boy about the same age as you with short dark hair and round glasses. He saw what just happened too and went to go speak with the redheaded lady-Do you speak to her too?
  4. You really need to know how to get to the train so you talk to her with the other boy. The boy asked how you get to the platform whilst you just stood there. Apparently it was Ron's first time too-you think it's the boy with red hair. "All you have to do is run straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10." The boy with glasses went first and he disappeared too! You went next and next thing you know you're looking at a train called Hogwarts Express. What do you think?
  5. You get on the train and try to look for an empty carriage. Unfortunately you couldn't find one, but you found the boy(the one with glasses) that you saw on the platform in one by himself-so you decided to sit with him. "Don't mind if i sit in here with you, do you? All the other carriages are full." You asked him. "No not at all." He replied and he gestured towards a seat. Your thoughts?
  6. You were about to ask what his name was when the other boy from earlier at the platform came in because there wasn't any room left. You both said that he could come in and he sat down beside you, but a bit far away. "I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasley." He said to you both. "I'm _________,_________ __________." You said to them. Then the boy with the glasses said "I'm Harry,Harry Potter." What do you think?
  7. Ron's face dropped when he heard what his name was. He started mumbling but eventually he got round to saying "Have you still got the scar?" Harry lifted up his hair and showed you both. "Wicked!" Ron said. You made a mental note that he is easily impressed as that is the only thing about him you know so far. The sweet cart came round and you didn't buy anything because you already had food and so did Ron. Harry saw that you both looked sad and he took out of his pocket about 10 gold coins and said, "We'll take the lot." What do you think?
  8. You spent the rest of the train journey eating the sweets between yourselves. Harry then picked up a chocolate frog, apparently there is a spell put on them so they are like a real frog but it doesn't last long. He opened his and the frog jumped out of the box and escaped out the window. Ron said that it's the card you want really, so i guess it wasn't that bad. Harry got Albus Dumbledore but after a while he disappeared. After Ron was telling Harry about what cards he has from the chocolate frogs he introduced us to Scabbers, he pet rat. He says that his brother taught him a spell to turn him yellow. How do you think this is going to turn out?
  9. Before he started the spell a girl with bushy hair came to the carriage and asked if any of you have seen a frog because a boy called Neville has lost it. She sees Ron's wand out and said"Oh you're going to do a spell. Lets see then." She just stands in the doorway while Ron clears his throat and begins the spell. Nothing happened. "Are you sure that's a real spell." She said,"Well that's not very good is it. Of course I've only tried a few simple ones myself but they've all worked for me." What do you think of this girl?
  10. She then went and sat in front of Harry and said "For example-Oculus Reparo." Immediately the tape on Harry's glasses disappeared and he took them off just to check whether they had been fixed-they had. When Harry took his glasses off the girl must have seen the scar because she realized that he was Harry Potter. She said that she is called Hermione Granger, and you and Ron told her your names too. Before she left she told you to change into your robes because you'll probably be arriving soon. You tell Ron and Harry that you're going to go change and walked down the corridor to the bathrooms. On your way there you bump into a boy with hair so blonde it looks white. He gives you one look that showed that he was annoyed that you walked into him but also curiosity to who you are. Do you do or say anything?
  11. You say sorry quietly and walk quickly to the bathroom. You change and go back to the carriage you were in when you bumped into yet another person. He had short brown hair and looked a lot older than you. He said sorry and smiled at you before you walked away. You got back to the carriage and noticed that Ron and Harry had already changed. You three spoke for a little longer and before you knew it you were getting off the carriage and started to make your way to Hogwarts castle. How do you feel?
  12. I hoped you liked this quiz! This is my first Harry Potter love story thing, could you please tell me what i should do in the next part of Philosopher's stone.

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