A Magical Love Story

This love story is like most of the other ones that have been created, but with it's own originality! The boys explain why you are in their house and what is so special about you.

Please rate and comment on this quiz i really, really what to know what you think of it! If you haven't already can you also take my other love story quizzes called "A Royal Love story" which is completely different to this one-enjoy.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. I'm going to start this love story like most people do; where you get kidnapped by four guys. The four guys are gonna have powers like some of the love stories do, but i think that mine is still different-OK?
  2. You are a girl called Rebecca who just turned 18 years old today. You're walking home on the warmest day of the year, with the guy in your class that you like called Joe. He's been walking you home for the past week and you finally think he might ask you out.
  3. You were talking and playing a game together where you spot birds in the sky; you found a rather big one really far up. Then a brown dog came up to you without an owner, you started stroking it and then you noticed Joe wasn't with you and suddenly it all went black. What do you think happened?
  4. When you woke up you were in a room with the brown dog licking your face, the same dog you saw, when....when.....when you were with Joe walking home-Wait! Where is Joe? Where am I?!
  5. The problem is you don't know where this room is, whether it's on the first floor-or the fifteenth floor! It's got baby blue walls and a white circular rug on a wooden floor. There is one bed in the room (which you are sitting on) and a sofa on the other side. What do you think?
  6. Then suddenly, you don't know whether it was a hallucination or not, but the dog that was licking your face transformed into a human. Real life-or hallucination?
  7. He noticed that you were a bit scared and sat down next to you; he was leaning in close to you and was about to kiss you when 3 other guys burst in. The man-dog stood up and went to the others looking like he had done something wrong. What did he do wrong?
  8. You were pretty shocked, you looked like it too! The four boys were staring at you for a couple of seconds; and you were staring at them. Then you noticed that one of them was.......It was Joe-ONE OF THEM WAS JOE! You still felt confused and scared, when you felt this tickly feeling inside you head. The strange feeling then spoke to you, it said "Don't worry Rebecca, we won't hurt you-trust us". Do you trust the voice?
  9. You recognise the voice soon after it spoke to you. You recognised it as Joe's-but how could I hear his voice inside my head?! You were too freaked out-you couldn't contain it anymore! Immediately stood up from the bed and made a break for the window; the room was only on the first floor-you could jump out and escape with minor injuries. Do you risk it?
  10. You decide that the risk is worth it, if you can escape and get home where everything makes sense!You struggle to open the window. You can hear them whispering from across the room, although you don't know what they are saying. Joe's voice returns in your head but this time it says, "Calm down Rebecca, please! We don't want to hurt you! Please just stop!" Do you stop?
  11. You don't stop struggling-you will NEVER stop struggling! Then your arms and legs go weak and you are falling to the ground when someone catches you-you don't see what he looks like though. He picks you up and carries you after the other 3 guys, you don't want to go with them but you have to because your arms and legs are still weak.
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