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Hello Clickers! Welcome to a She-cat's Love Story! Please note that this revolves around the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Please read these books before starting or you won't know much of the lore.

Anyways, this story is about a she-cat named Hazelflame, a beautiful ginger she-cat with blue eyes. During her life, she has four toms fighting for her: Firefur, Ashblaze, Darkstar, and Mistystripe. Throughout the story, your choices will benefit who you will choose. Please note that this will possibly become a saga, but whatever.

Created by: Avery Haynes
  1. You are a young kit, Hazelkit. You are sleeping soundly, and you are awoken to see a young, ginger kit in front of you. "Hi Hazelkit!" the tom-kit mews cheerfully. You silently gulp, scampering behind your mother, Stemflower. "It's alright, Hazelkit" she reassures you, "It's just Firekit". You look towards the tom-kit once again, who politely smiles. "Do you want to play moss-ball with me and my friends?" he asks. You:
  2. You shuffle out of the nursery with Firekit by your side. You see a group of much older nursery kits out in the dusty clearing, batting and fumbling around with a rolled up ball of moss. Their names are Ashkit, Darkkit, and Mistykit. The ragged grey kit trots towards you, it was Ashkit. "Hello new kit! My name is Ashkit, what a pleasure to meet you!" he exclaims. A smaller, grey tabby walks behind him. "Hello... I'm Mistykit" He says. The other kit, Darkkit, just sits behind them, licking his black flank while staring contently at you. You:
  3. Shortly after, you and the tom-kits engage in a moss-ball game. While playing, Ashkit seems to be staring right towards you intently. His eyes, so mesmerizing... like little shining emeralds. While staring back at him, Firekit bats the moss-ball and it bounces off your head. Ouch! You find yourself on your back on the grass, with the four kits stumbling around and surrounding you. "Are you okay, Hazelkit?" says Darkkit, his voice soft and soothing, his yellow eyes staring into yours glimmering with worry. You:
  4. After a short medicine cat visit, your injury meant no harm. Now, skip to two months later. Your denmates have now became apprentices with new names: Darkpaw, Firepaw, Mistypaw, and Ashpaw. If only you had a littermate, now you only have your mother with you. What do you want to do to pass some time?
  5. Either way, you decide to take a look inside the medicine cat's den. Inside, you see ThunderClan's medicine cat, Webflower, and..... Mistypaw? Woah! He never told you he wanted to be a medicine cat! The young tom shuffles towards you, herbs stuffed inside his jaws. "Hey Hazelkit... aren't you proud?" he asks. You:
  6. While leaving their den, you run into Firepaw. You both tumble lightly to the grass. "Whoops! Sorry!" you quickly apologize, the two of you scrambling to your paws. Firepaw lightly chuckled, you could've told if he was blushing if his fur wasn't so red! "It's okay Hazelkit!" he replies. Just then, Firepaw's mentor approached, Darkshadow. "Don't mess around with that puny nursery kit, Firepaw!" the larger gray tom spat harshly, "Don't expect me to give you that final assessment award that easily if you can barely recover from her!". Firepaw sighed, drooping his ears and walking away to the training spot. Darkshadow turns to you with a furious glare. You:
  7. A few moons later, you finally get to become an apprentice, and it felt like an eternity! Whitestar calls the ceremony and gives you your new apprentice name: Hazelpaw. He also grants you your new mentor Longclaw. After you two touch noses and you leave the clearing, you run into your old apprentice friends, except for Mistypaw. "Great job, Hazelpaw! What a cool name!" Firepaw says. "Lucky you! Longclaw's one of our best fighters!" adds Ashpaw. "Awesome" Darkpaw nonchalantly says. You:
  8. Longclaw invites you to the training area for your first training session. He tests you to try to successfully attack him. The two of you stood silent, Longclaw bracing for your attack, his legs spread wide. You gulp nervously, he's one of your Clan's best fighters! How will you attempt to attack him?
  9. Whatever it is, your tactic worked. You successfully attacked him(unless you chose to refuse). Moons later, your friends have now become warriors. Why can't we catch up? Their new names are Firefur, Ashblaze, Darkstorm, and Mistystripe(yes he's a medicine cat). What do you think of these names?
  10. While on a hunting patrol with your mentor, Longclaw, you stalk a tasty thrush. You pause, licking your lips, and prepare to pounce, claws extended. However, before you can reach your target, a rustle in the brambles behind you scares your prey off. You look behind you, and a fox pounces on you. You yowl, attempting to rake its face, but it easily pins you down. You can feel the brute force of its paw, and the sharp claws slowly entering your cheek. You need help, fast! Who do you call for?
  11. Swiftly, Longclaw comes to your aid, knocking the fox off you as if it was nothing with his strength. Darkstorm and Ashblaze rush in shortly after, coming to help your mentor. You stagger to your paws, watching with sheer terror as the toms tussled brutally with their larger opponent. What do you do?
  12. Either way, you rush in to attempt to aid your pals in that vicious cat-fight. You jump on the fox's back as your friends and mentor claw its legs and slice its face. The fox wriggles viciously, bucking you off despite clinging with all your might with your claws. As you hit the ground, it feels as if the air gets completely knocked out of your lungs. When your get up, the fox had scampered away. Ashblaze shakes out his rugged fur and smiles towards you, Darkstorm nonchalantly licks his bloody paws and Longclaw just sits there, gasping for breath. You:
  13. After you four recovered from that vicious battle and returned to your camp, you report to Whitestar. He decides to grant you your new name. He names you Hazelflame, what an awesome name! While trotting happily to your new den, you run into Firefur. "Oh hey Hazelflame. Great job with your new name!" he says, flicking his tail happily. You:
  14. One day, you are chilling in the clearing. It's the evening and everyone is getting their share in fresh-kill. Ashblaze confidently walks up to you, a large blackbird clenched tightly at the neck between his jaws. "Hey Hazelflame! Want to share this blackbird with me?" he says, lightly muffled with the prey he's holding. You:
  15. A week passes, and your spending your time napping on a rock in the grassy clearing. You feel the warmth of the rock and the sunshine on your back, and you relax. You open your eyes to see Darkstorm shyly approaching you. You prop yourself up and he flicks his tail. "Hey... Hazelflame. Would you like to go hunting with me?" he quietly asks. You:
  16. While leaving the clearing, Darkstorm's bushy black fur bumps into your soft ginger fur. "Oh... sorry" he apologizes, lightly blushing. You:
  17. During your hunting trip, you catch a mouse while your pal has caught a large, juicy rabbit. While the two of you share your catch later on, Mistystripe cautiously shuffles towards the two of you. "Hey... you two. Do you mind if I could have half of your catch? I'm very hungry.." he asks. You:
  18. A little cliff-hanger! I'm so sorry for this inconvenience, I will make a part 2 as soon as possible! Before you get your temporary results, choose which cat you currently favor the most, this counts.

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