Warriors Roleplay #1- The fight

This role play was inspired by the book series Warriors, by Erin Hunter. This is a story of a young six moon old apprentice, who's best friend is DustPaw, and experiences a very sad event.

I promise that I will make another one after this. This is where you find out your name, and your personality you are going to have throughout this warriors series of role plays. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Hello peoples
  1. RECAP- you are a young apprentice, and your mentor is WillowHeart. You are a cat of IvyClan. The leader of IvyClan is PrairieStar, the deputy is DarkFrost, the medicine cat is FeatherStream, your mother is GhostPelt, and you father is GorseTail. Your best friend is DustPaw. There are many other cats in IvyClan, but I'm not gonna get specific... Oh yea! And whenever it says ___Paw, or ___Kit, don't choose a name, because your name will be told to you at the end
  2. PrairieStar smiled on top of MossyStone. "Today, two six moon old kits are ready to become apprentices. DustKit, are you ready to become an apprentice?" DustKit nods, so he continues. "Then, from this moment forwards, until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as DustPaw. Your mentor will be GorseTail!" you smile at the name of your father. "___Kit, are you ready to become an apprentice?"
  3. "Then, you shall be known as ___Paw, until you become a warrior! your mentor will be WillowHeart! DustPaw, ___Paw!" PrairieStar meows.
  4. The cats shortly congratulate you, then the clearing is clear, except for you, the fresh kill pile, and your mentor.
  5. "Hello, ___Paw! Do you want to train?" your mentor asks you.
  6. WillowHeart turns towards the exit to the camp, smiling. "Fighting, or hunting?"
  7. "Ok," WillowHeart sighs, licking her paw. "I guess you do need fight training. IceClan is not too happy with us at the moment."
  8. WillowHeart nods towards the exit. "Let's go." You pad through the forest, and you here the strange sounds for the first time- the ruffles in the leaves, and the occasional hoot of an owl. Suddenly, you smell something different... Something of a different clan.
  9. WillowHeart sniffs the air. "IceClan," she sighs. "We'll have to be careful." She looks left and right. "Let's train here... It'll be too dangerous in training hollow..."
  10. Then you start to smell another scent- "DustPaw!" you shout into the forest, excited to see your friend. "Shhh," WillowHeart hisses, putting her tail to your mouth. "Someone's coming."
  11. The trees around you start to shake, and you start to get closer and closer to WillowHeart... Then it jumps through the trees, onto you.
  12. "DustPaw!" you shout suddenly, realizing your mistake. "You... scared me!" DustPaw laughs, "I know! I learned how to sneak up on cats today!"
  13. DustPaw suddenly disappears into the trees again, then pops out with a mouse in his jaws. You thankfully eat it, and laugh. "You are a fast learner! I didn't learn anything yet," you admit, licking down the prey.
  14. "We'll see you later, DustPaw, but me and ___Paw need to train now," WillowHeart sighs, looking at your friend. "Ok!" he replies, then looks at you. "See you later, then." WillowHeart turns to you. "Attack me," she says, crouching down.
  15. After a long day of training, you finally return to the IvyClan camp, with a mouse in your jaws. After fight training, WillowHeart taught you to hunt, also. Today, DarkFrost, the deputy, calls a clan meeting.
  16. "Today, an IceClan cat has been spotted in our territory!" DarkFrost shouts, worried. "I want all apprentices to stay inside the camp, to guard. All warriors please go out on patrol and guard from the outside!"
  17. DarkFrost looks down at you. "PrairieStar went to consult with the other two clans, for guidance."
  18. Several minutes later, all the warriors were gone, and only the apprentices were left outside. It was beginning to get dark, and cold. You shiver next to DustPaw, until you suddenly smell WillowHeart- and blood.
  19. A cat bursts into the clearing. Your first thought, is that it is an IceClan cat. It had IceClan scent, and there was blood splattered all over it. But then you realize- It is WillowHeart.
  20. WillowHeart gasps, and turns toward you. "Go, ___Paw. You save our clan. Grow to be the strongest warrior out there..." Tears begin streaming down your face. "But you will be ok, WillowHeart," you shout. DustPaw pulls you back. "Let FeatherStream be," he meows quietly. "It's the only way she can help her."
  21. FeatherStream suddenly stops working, and stoops down. "I... I'm sorry."
  22. "May StarClan light her path..." FeatherStream sighs, turning to you.
  23. After a while, some IceClan cats jump into the clearing. You fight the, blindly, blinded by sorrow, remembering your mentor. You kill two cats, revenge for your mentor. Soon, the fight is over, and the fight is won.
  24. That is the end of my warriors roleplay, part one. Part two will be out soon, if not now. REMINDER: Whichever name you get at the end of this quiz, that will be the name of your part two. EX. Warriors Roleplay #2- AshPaw. Thanks for playing!

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