Can you be a medicine cat?

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There are some hard quizzes out there but this might just be the hardest you've see! If you think your a warriors herb master then think again! You'll be lucky to get 100%!

A medicine cat is from the books Warriors. Warriors is a book series by Erin Hunter. If you don't know it search it. There are some issues with the spelling but I hope if you do the quiz you enjoy it!

Created by: Cindy
  1. Best for green cough?
  2. Good for bee stings?
  3. Herb for sprains?
  4. Thing that stops bleeding? (So you at least get one right!)
  5. What is used to hide the smell of death?
  6. What stops a queens milk from flowing?
  7. What herb is used to ease pain during kitting?
  8. What prevents tooth decay?
  9. What strengthens heart and lungs?
  10. What can you apply to open wounds?
  11. All deadly herbs

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Quiz topic: Can I be a medicine cat?