What warriors cat are you? by, Rainfur

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This is a quiz... no spoilers! I really don't want write anything else so don't read this... if you want you can! Defend your Clan with your lifeNo cat shall fight at a GatheringThe Clan comes firstRespect borders, do not cross them, do not ever hunt outside your own border. Leaders must appoint a new deputy before the Moon-highAlways help a Clan in needWhen cats are travelling to share tounges with StarClan, do not stop themClan members must not fight each otherApprentices must have a mentorApprentices must make sure everyone has eaten before they eatElders and Queens must eat before the ClanA kit must be 6 moons old before becoming an apprenticeDeputies must become leader after the original leader diesDo not kill another cat without permission or a good reasonThe leader must send border patrols frequentlyYou may have friendships in other Clans, but you’re loyalty must remain to your own ClanDo not have kits with another Clan catPrey is killed only to be eatenA newly made warrior must sit there vigil for the night, same with a burialA cat cannot be made deputy without mentoring at least one catRespect your Clan leader and listen to him/her at all timesA new warrior, once kittypet forgets all his/her kittypet life, you cannot have a paw in two worldsIn great danger, all Clans must unite and keep strong, making sure the Clans don’t fall apartGoing to Gatherings or sharing tongues with StarClan, you can cross borders to get thereCats may walk on other Clans’ territory if they…

Alder BarkThis is used for toothaches, use dry bark, fresh bark will cause vomitingBeech LeavesThis is used to carry other herbs inBlackberry LeavesYou chew these into a pulp and it eases the swelling of bee stingsBorage LeavesUsually chewed by nursing queens, it produces more milk. It also eases fevers.Burdock RootIt is chewed into a pulp and eases the pain of a rat bite.BurnetIt is a traveling herb. It keeps a cat's strength up.CatchweedThey pull the burrs off and put them where the poultice is and it stops the poultice from rubbing off.CatmintIt is eaten to cure greencough or whitecough, two common sicknesses.CalendineThe juices are squeezed into the eye to soothe the effects of a damaged eyes.ChamomileIt is eaten to strengthen the heart or sooothe the mind, they also put in traveling herbs to give a cat strength.ChervilThe juices are chewed out of the root or leaves. It is used for bellyache or infected wounds. It can also be used in kitting.ChickweedThis also treats greencough.Cob NutsIt is made into an ointment, the reason being is still unknown.CobwebPut on the wound and is used to stop or slow the bleeding of a wound, it can also be used to bind broken bones.ColtsfootThe leaves are chewed into a poultice and are used to ease breathing and can also be used to treat cracked pads.Comfrey RootThe roots are chewed into a poultice and can be used for a variety of things including- repairing broken bones, soothing wounds, wrenched claws, used for itching, and for…

Created by: Rainfur

  1. What is your favourite colour out of these?
  2. What is your favourite animal?
  3. How would you describe yourself?
  4. A little fate question!
  5. What habitat do you prefer?
  6. What is your element
  7. Your second element?
  8. Are you a tom or she-cat
  9. The small question of fate!
  10. The big question of fate!

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Quiz topic: What warriors cat am I? by, Rainfur