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This is for prefix's. Suffix's quiz is im below (I think!). So just answer the questions truthfully. You should think about yourself as a warrior for these 2 quizzes. Here is the link: Click it to do another test and get your suffix! Its basically the same as this test instructions. Its is short and wont take up much time!

Prefix will be like:Flame~Flow~Flower Simple right?? So bored so just here: StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats.[1] There is no specific leader for StarClan since there are many cats from all five Clans that work together.[2] They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats.[3]

Created by: Dragon

  1. What would you as a warrior, would be best at?
  2. You see a rouge on you territory, what do you do?
  3. You have a loyal and wise leader, (Like Bluestar) and she has chosen you as deputy. It is midnight currently and she wants you to sent out a patrol. What do you do?
  4. You are dreaming and suddenly a black tom walks forward and speaks "Hello, loyal warrior. I can make you strong, so you can serve your clan even better". What do you do?
  5. Another clan decides to attack you. You are beneath the leader claws, What do you do?
  6. You are a healer, your leader has come down with a bad sickness. The deputy says he will stay with your leader. You need to fetch some coltsfoot. You let the deputy, but when you come back in you see the deputy sitting ontop of the leader, obviously trying to kill the lead. What do you do?
  7. You are a respected young warrior, but then you overhear your brother plotting against the leader. What do you do?
  8. You are taken hostage by an enemy clan. What do you do?
  9. You are blinded by a strong tree branch. Your leader questions you about your future. What do you do?
  10. You see a warrior trapped underneath a branch, her tail is stuck. What do you do?
  11. You see a kit drowning in the river. What do you do?

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