Destiny Part 1: Alone

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The four clans have always existed together, balancing light and dark, good and evil, order and chaos. But when a flood kills nearly every clan cat, nothing is balanced anymore.

Can the four survivors move past their differences and save the clan ways? Or will old grudges destroy the legacy for good? Read on to find out.......

Created by: LuckyFirefly
  1. Thunderclan. The once-great group of cats who ruled their part of the forest with fairness and strength. But all that is gone now. It's just me. No one could've known that a flood was coming, and when it did, we were all surprised. I lost everything then. My mate, my kits, my leader. Everything.
  2. "Lunaclaw!" The sound of my name breaks me out of my thoughts. I look up to see a sandy golden tom, with familiar green eyes. "Eaglestar." I reply flatly. "What is the Riverclan leader doing in Thunderclan territory?" I ask, unable to keep the ice from my voice.
  3. Eaglestar sits down a few tail lengths away. "Is there really need for territories when there are so few of us left?" He asks. His voice is stern, but I sense a hint of sadness somewhere too. "Have you found others?" I inquire, turning to face him. "Shadowclan, Windclan?" He pauses for a moment. "I've only been to Thunderclan and my own land. But seeing as how there may be others who are alive, perhaps we should investigate the remaining two clans." I nod with a sigh and stand up, shaking my black coat.
  4. The journey to the Windclan border was short and silent. The loss of our friends and families still weighed heavily on our hearts. I looked over the open fields, but didnt see anything. I would've turned around, but my ears perked up at the sound of someone crying. Eaglepelt and I padded closer, spotting a brown tabby tom. He was bent over the body of a white she cat, his mate no doubt. "Breezepelt." Eaglepelt said, regocnition in his voice. He obviously knew this warrior.
  5. The tom, Breezepelt, whipped his head around. For a moment, I could see what he was truly feeling. Indescribable pain. Infuriating uncertainty. Pure fear. I knew, because those were the exact same things I was feeling. What Eaglestar was probably feeling too. I gazed calmly at him, keeping my expression emotionless. He stared back for a moment, with those stormy gray eyes, before looking up at Eaglepelt. "Why have you come here? Winterstar is dead." He looked back to me. "So is Leafstorm, if you were wondering." The sarcastic edge in his voice made me want to rush him right then and there. But I forced the same blank expression to my face and replied, "It is a great tragedy, the death of your leader and...and deputy. But we cannot live in the past any longer."
  6. The seconds of silence that followed seemed to span moons. His reply came in a cruel tone, when he answered, "The past? Has your heart become so cold that you will not allow me one last moment with the love of my life?" His words cut through me like thorns, but I held strong. "Well?!" He roared, his voice echoing out over the barren landscape. I did not reply. "Are you so dense that the death of your entire-" "Enough!" Eaglestar's eyes were alit with anger. "We might be the only survivors in the entire clans. We cannot afford these petty arguments." Breezepelt's bristled fur slowly smoothed over and he nodded at the former Riverclan leader. "Very well. But what do we do next?" The dark brown tom asked. "Shadowclan." I answered. "There may be others who survived the flood."
  7. Brezzepelt's only response was a curt nod in my direction. Eaglestar sighed before rising to his paws and padding towards Shadowclan's border, in the darkest part of the forest. I rose slowly, and followed the two toms. 'So is Leafstorm, if you were wondering...' I shake the repeating words out of my head, but can't forget about them. He's dead. Gone. Forever. A small whimper breaks through, though I cover it quickly, turning it into a cough.
  8. Neither of my companions look back at me, a fact for which I'm grateful. As we entered the territory, all sound seemed to vanish. The twittering bird songs stopped. The chattering squirrels scampered away. The rustling breeze quit blowing, leaving only the sound of our paws, which crunched through fallen foliage. The browned leaved were everywhere, littering the forest floor. Only a small amount of sunlight made it through the thick ceiling of branches, and I struggled to keep my fellow survivors visible.
  9. The silence was broken by a piercing yowl. A flash of fur caught my eye, and before any of us could react, Breezepelt was on his back. He jumped up with a surprised hiss, looking back and forth. Eaglestar stepped forward, announcing in a booming voice, "Show yourself, or we attack!" I wasn't sure how we would attack someone we couldn't see, but I decided to play along. My claws were unsheathed, and I inched closer to the two toms, hoping we could take our unseen opponent.
  10. Another yowl sounded, but this time we were prepared. As the flash launched itself at Breezepelt a second time, Eaglestar leapt off the ground, tackling it midair. They tumbled to the ground, with Eaglestar pinning our enemy to the ground. "Let me go!" A high pitched soprano meow sounded from below the sandy colored tom. Although she (the voice had made it obvious that whoever we were facing was female) sounded furious, there was an almost musical quality to her voice. She struggled underneath the Riverclan cat, but he didn't budge. After a few more moments, the cat went limp, and Eaglestar climbed off. When she stood, I could see she was young. Not apprentice young, but probably a recent warrior. She had thick, ruffled white fur, adorned with deep scarlet patches. Her eyes were a striking gold. "You're on Shadowclan territory." She growled, that same melodic tone in her meow. Eaglestar sighed. "Please, we need to talk. There's been a flood, and-" "I know! Of course I know there's been a flood! It killed everyone, except me!" Her outburst left us all in silence. An emotion besides anger seeped into her eyes. Regret. It had never occurred to me that a Shadowclan cat would be so...emotional.
  11. Eaglestar spoke again. "I see. Who are you though?" He asked, his voice kind and soft. Just as I had, he could sense her pain. "...My name is Crimsontail." She answered finally. "The last Shadowclan cat alive." The golden tom nodded. "I see. And we are-" "I know who you are." Crimsontail said sharply, cutting Eaglestar off once more. "Eaglestar. Leader of Riverclan, former deputy to Otterstar." She turned her penetrating gaze on me. "Lunaclaw, Thunderclan deputy. Loyal to Silentstar." Her head turned to gaze at Breezepelt with unmasked hatred. "And Breezepelt. Son of Winterstar, and warrior of Windclan." She spit the words out, her eyes narrowing with each word. It was clear she held some grudge against Windclan, or perhaps Breezepelt himself.
  12. Breezepelt sneered unkindly at the younger she-cat, who hissed in return. With a sharp glare at my brown companion I spoke up. "There are only four of us left. We can't afford to be arguing amongst ourselves." Crimsontail looked away, Breezepelt simply grumbled, his displeased expression now turned on me. I ignore it, looking up at Eaglestar. "Where do we go next?" I questioned. "This way." He replied, starting a brisk walk out of the forest. After a short time, we appeared at the top of a hill. Eaglestar's bright green eyes were alert and thoughtful as he looked out over the land, towards the thunderpaths that bordered Shadowclan. "That way." He answered in a sure voice. "Are you crazy?! We'll be killed!" Crimsontail protested, her muzzle wrinkled in disbelief. Breezepelt rolled his eyes. "Don't be ridiculous. Across the thunderpaths is said to be land of untold greatness." Eaglestar nodded. "Breezepelt is right. If we go across the thunderpaths and through the twoleg place, we'll make it to the land of legend." The small Shadowclan warrior glared. "We're risking our lives because of a legend?!" She shrieked. Eaglestar nodded, receiving an exasperated groan from Crimsontail. "Let's go." I meowed, heading down the hill. I never imagined I would be traveling with a Shadowclan cat. Or any other clan cats, for that matter. But Starclan must've had a reason for this. At least I'm not completely alone...
  13. Thanks SOOO much for taking this quiz. Keep an eye out for the second part of the story. The adventure continues in Destiny Part 2: New Worlds

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