Warrior Cats- Who are you?

If you are taking this quiz, you either are a warriors fan, someone you know is, or you clicked in the wrong link. This quiz will show possibilities for what you would be in a warrior clan.

There are ten possible results, each with different characteristics- Clan Leader, Clan Deputy, Warrior, Elder, Apprentice, Queen, Kit, Medicine Cat, Outcast, and Kittypet.

Created by: Lego Fang
  1. Are you a she-cat or a tom?
  2. If you, a warrior apprentice, were alone outside of camp and you scented a fox what would you do?
  3. (As a human) In your free time what do you do?
  4. (As a warrior) If it was leaf-bare and your clan was starving, you could not find any prey, and it was freezing cold, but you saw a fat hare on another clan's territory, what would you do?
  5. (As a human) Which quote best describes you?
  6. (As a human) Which of these jobs/positions appeals the most to you?
  7. (In general) If you and a friend were arguing, what corse of action best describes you?
  8. (As a clan cat) If you had a mate in another clan, how would you respond?
  9. (As a human) How often do you "forget" to do homework?
  10. (As a Kittypet) You have everything you could want, you are content. Would you join the warrior clans, and if you did which clan?

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Quiz topic: Warrior Cats- Who am I?