She-cat Love Story 2

Hey everyone It's Wrenflight7! It's me Lunartealeaf7, I changed my user bc I was bored with it lol. Anyways, Your mother is Fernstripe, your siblings are Wrenwing and Sandfur, and the leader is Ospreystar. Clan is Thunderclan I guess. Warrior Cats belongs to Erin Hunter, not me. Characters made by me.

Vocabulary:Y/K/N: Your Kit NameY/A/N: Your Apprentice NameY/W/N: Your Warrior NameNE: NO EFFECTSo yeah if your REALLY new to Warrior Cats, read more books or do more research before taking this. Thank you!

Created by: Wrenflight7
  1. You are sitting next to your mother, Fernstripe, when a brown tabby with a white chest and muzzle approaches you. He was about the same age as you. "Hey. Wanna play with me and Dovekit?" He asked. Dovekit and what seems to be Whitekit are very nice kits, according to your siblings, Sandkit and Wrenkit. What will you say?
  2. As you are playing with Whitekit and Dovekit a cheerful looking silver tabby approaches you. "Hi! I'm Silverkit! Can I play with you guys?" He asks you happily. What will you say?
  3. "Y/K/N, from now on, until you get your warrior name, you are Y/A/N." Your leader, Ospreystar, said. "Hollyflower, You have shown great bravery and determination, I wish for you to pass it on to Y/A/N." After doing whatever you need to do, Whitepaw, who was Whitekit, came up to. "Nice name, Y/A/N, hope we become warriors together." He said shyly. What will you say?
  4. After training with Hollyflower, You see Whitepaw arguing with Silverpaw. "I didn't do anything to your precious mouse!" You heard Silverpaw say angerly. "Shut it! YOU ate it! Admit it already!" Whitepaw said, sheathing and unsheathing his claws. What will you do?
  5. (Skip if you didn't pick Answer 1) After stopping them, You make Silverpaw confess. He admits that he had ate the mouse and apologized.
  6. (Skip if you didn't pick Answer 2) After stopping them, You make Whitepaw confess. Whitepaw admits that he ate the mouse and only did it to mess with him but he got too heated up.
  7. After stopping them, Silverpaw admits that he had ate the mouse and it was his fault. "It's alright you mouse brain!" Whitepaw said, who then pounced onto Silverpaw playfully. You went to go see Leafgorse, the medicine cat while they played. When you went to see him, Dovepaw was there instead. "Oh, Y/A/N, nice to see you. Why are you here?" He asked. What will you say?
  8. "Oh, I see." Dovepaw said, with a smile on his face. "I've noticed that Poppykit has been acting weird lately. Can you get her to the medicine cat den please?" And so you do. Dovepaw was having trouble feeding Poppykit some Tansy, so he asked you to help him. What will you do to help him?
  9. After helping Dovepaw, your sister Wrenpaw needs your help! You rush over to her and ask what is happening. "Tansykit needs help! Get Leafgorse!" But Leafgorse is no where to be found. Tansykit seems to be having trouble breathing. Whitepaw, Silverpaw, and Dovepaw all have ideas. Which one will you pick?
  10. (Skip if you didn't pick Whitepaw's plan) You attempted to do Whitepaw's plan, but unfortunately Tansykit had died.
  11. (Skip if you didn't pick Silverpaw's plan) You fed Tansykit Honey, however that was the wrong herb, and Tansykit died.
  12. (Skip if you didn't pick Dovepaw's plan) You fed Tansykit Juniper Berries, it was the correct herb, however, Tansykit died.
  13. "How could you! You killed my Tansykit!" Tansykit's mother, Juniperfur said. "We tried our best, we really did!" Whitepaw said. "Shut it! You did NOTHING! If only Leafgorse was he-" "LISTEN UP MOUSE BRAIN! WE DID ALL WE COULD! APPRECIATE IT!" You calmed down Whitepaw and profusely apologized to Juniperfur. "Whitepaw is so emotional. He should try to control himself, jeez." You heard Silverpaw say. What will you say?
  14. A few days after Tansykit's death, You have been given your warrior name! However, Dovebeak, who was Dovepaw, was talking with Leafgorse, or at least you think he was. You heard his voice from the medicine cat den, and you took a small peek. "I don't want to be a medicine cat! I spoke with Starclan! They said it was okay!" "But you have to be! Medicine cats are born, not made!" "But I was not born to be one." You looked with worry at Dovebeak. What will you do?
  15. A few days later you hear that Dovebeak had recently been appointed warrior. Of course you wanted to know why he became warrior. So you asked him. "Oh.. M-Meet me at the Sunningrocks at Dusk tomorrow." He said. What will you say?
  16. You decided to arrive at Sunningrocks a little earlier, and find a suspicious rogue looking at you. "Hello Y/W/N. Your looking beautiful today." He said very gently. "I'm Shade, a rogue who was abandoned by my twolegs. My life was a disaster... I was wondering if I could join the clan?" What will you say?
  17. "Oh... I see." He said sadly. He wrapped his tail around you. "I was wondering..." He shuffled his paws. "Could I see you again soon?" You nodded. Shade dashed off into a bush. Then, a few minutes later, a group of three cats approach you. "Hello Y/W/N. We want to ask you something. They say.
  18. "Who do you choose? Me, Dovebeak, Whitehawk, and Silverwhisker." "Please choose me." Silverwhisker said, interrupting Dovebeak. "Shut it! Anyways, who do you choose?"
  19. The End!

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