Warrior cat love story part one! She cats

Hi this is my first quiz I hope you like it! Your name is dawn/kit/paw/sky and your clan is thunderclan you are a she cat who has to choose. I hope you like it. again!

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Created by: Dawnsky
  1. Did you read the opening paragraphs?
  2. You are a kit in the nursery your denmates are: nightkit and barkkit. Nightkit comes up to you and asks: do you want to play moss ball dawnkit? You say:
  3. What ever you chose you have great time. Then your mother starts licking you. Mom what are you doing you ask. Your ‘paw’ ( sorry I don’t know how to spell the other word ) ceremony is today she awnsers. Then the leader calls for a meeting. You become paws and everyone cheers for you. Dawnpaw nightpaw barkpaw! Barkpaw became medicine cat paw. You feel:
  4. Later when you are hunting with your mentor a badger attacks you:
  5. Suddenly a bolt of black shoots across the clearing. It’s nightpaw! At the sight of a third attacker, the badger runs off. Nightpaw turns toward you. Are you hurt? He asks. He reaches forward and licks your ear. You:
  6. Suddenly you see your mentor is badly hurt. As you look for the wound, you hear rustling behind you. You jump ready to fight, but it’s barkpaw collecting herbs. When you see him you run over and put your tail on his flank. Good it’s you! You say, can you help with my mentor? He’s badly hurt! You see nightpaw start to bristle but you pay no attention to it. On the way back to camp, you see them casting glares at each other. You think:
  7. You and nightpaw are made warriors because you fought the badger. Then after the ceremony barkface ( you know barkpaw ) comes up to you and askes to share a rabbit. You:
  8. Suddenly windclan attacks! You see your leader struggling and you see nightfur being slashed....who do you help?
  9. As you fight you see barkface lying ingired to the side...
  10. You rush up to him. He has a wound on his.... CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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