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Hello, and welcome to a Warrior Cats quiz that involves a love story just for she-cats! Like any story, the answer may be obvious while you are answering the questions. I will make a part two of this once I get the time and effort to do so!

Well then, welcome to PetalClan! This is a quiz not by the main Clans, but by Clans that are not the main Clans. There are four Clans, PetalClan, HollowClan, CloudClan, and AquaClan. It's pretty clear which one contains the blood of RiverClan. Anyway, here you are a kit to a warrior in this 20 question quiz. I hope you enjoy even if it isn't very enjoying!

Created by: Swanstar
  1. Welcome to this quiz! This will take quite the while, so please get comfortable. You are currently a kit, your name is Featherkit. If you don't like Featherkit as a name, you can just imagine your desired name when Featherkit is brought up. This quiz will take you to your warrior stage, then end. There will be a part two once I can make it!
  2. You yawn, close to your mother, Leafwhisker. You have just woken up in the nursery. Currently, you are two moons old. You here other kits playing right outside the nursery, and you get excited. "Can I go play?" you ask your mother. She replies with a sleepy nod, and you bound around Bramblekit and Honeykit to get out. Pumpkinkit, Acornkit, and Foxkit are all playing moss ball. Would you like a description of each male cat?
  3. {Description Of Male Cats} Acornkit is a ginger tabby. He has a white underbelly and amber eyes. {} Pumpkinkit has long, thick, fluffy furred and is an orange cat with a white underbelly and green-gold eyes. {} Antlerkit is a silver-gray tabby with light, leafy green eyes. {} Foxkit is reddish-brown with amber eyes. {} Bramblekit has long, soft, thick, dark brown fur and has golden eyes.
  4. Ouch! Pumpkinkit, Acornkit, and Foxkit all run to help you after being hit by the moss ball. You feel dizzy for a small bit, but you are perfectly fine. "Are you okay?" Acornkit asks immediately. "I think I'm fine," you reply with. "I'm sorry for throwing it at you.." you hear Foxkit mumble. You're thoughts on the cats?
  5. You get up looking at the kits. Your mother had just come out, "Are you okay?" she licks your ear. "I'm fine!" You reply with. Bramblekit has just woken up and walked outside, "What happened?" he blinks at the cats, he was just sleeping peacefully before coming out. You..
  6. Once everyone has settled down, you all play moss ball. Eventually, you grow tired and hungry by the evening and grab a mouse from the pile. You can share with the other kits of your choice or not to.
  7. {If you chose Foxkit or Acornkit for the last question, please answer this one. If not, go to the next.} You spot Foxkit and Acornkit sitting by a stump in the corner of camp. You go over with your mouse and share with..
  8. {If you chose Bramblekit, Antlerkit, or Pumpkinkit for the question 6, please answer this one. If not, go onto the next question.} You spot Bramblekit, Antlerkit, and Pumpkinkit sitting together by a tree. You go over and share with..
  9. {This is a time-skip to when you are four moons old. The toms are becoming apprentices.} "..From this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Acornpaw, Pumpkinpaw, Bramblepaw, Antlerpaw, and Foxpaw." The clan begins to cheer.
  10. You run over to the new apprentice's to congratulate them. You see Pumpkinpaw looking at you, affectionately?
  11. It is now time to sleep. The sun was coming down and past the horizon. You feel cold in your nest. Your mother decided to sleep in the warrior's den tonight. All you have are the other kits such as Honeykit and Sandkit. But they too, would leave before you do. A cool breeze makes it way into the nursery, hitting you. You long for someone to be in your nest.
  12. {Another time-skip, sorry. You are in your apprentice ceremony.} Whew! An apprentice ceremony? You have been licking your fur clean with your mother for what feels like the entire day! You are now outside, standing on the soft grass in front of Tree Rock. "..From this day forward, until you receive your warrior name.." Your fur pricks in excitement, "..You will be known as Featherpaw!" The crowd of cats chant, "Featherpaw! Featherpaw!" Your heart is beating so strangely fast. "Congrats!" The other apprentices bound up to you. Acornpaw seems to look at you longingly, as if thinking a bit.
  13. It's time to say goodnight and close your eyes. You yawn, wanting to find a good place in the Apprentice's Den. You sleep closest too?
  14. {Mid-way through your apprenticeship..} You are out hunting. You smell the area, a mouse is nearby. You quickly follow it towards a clearing. The other apprentices are already there, ready for their assessment. You catch the mouse and bury it quickly, then head back to watch them. You..
  15. Either way, you are spotted by a mentor (unless you went back to camp) and are moved to the Camp once more.
  16. It is not sun-high and the apprentices had just come back. The mentors began to talk to the leader about how well their apprentice's did. Who do you want to talk to?
  17. They have all passed their assessment! Their new names are Pumpkinpelt, Antlerclaw, Acornfalls, Brambletuft, and Foxcatcher. Now, you realize, you are a bit lonely again in the apprentice's den.
  18. {Time skipping to your assessment day!} You are walking through the forest, stalking a mouse. You swipe at it with one, quick blow. You have caught the mouse! You bury the mouse, then try to smell other prey. You smell Brambletuft's scent! What is he doing here?
  19. Before you can do anything, your mentor comes up and tells you your assessment is over. You run along, picking up prey you have buried around. You watch as your mentor goes into the leader's den, you heart pounding. "I sure hope you pass the test!" Foxcatcher smiles to you, "I mean, well, it would be hard for you to fail anyway."
  20. The leader goes onto Tree Rock, "May all those old enough to head in the pond join here for a Clan meeting!" Applestar's voice rang over the camp. You heart jumps a beat, you lick your fur clean quickly. "Featherpaw, from this day on you will be known as Featherfalling!" The crowd cheers your name, you are full of excitement and joy! Now, who will you sleep by in the warrior's den?

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