Warrior cats love story quiz part 2

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Hello and welcome to my second love story to this series if you remember you are a attractive young she-cat but yes you are a warrior. Your parents are firestorm and sandheart.

The toms you meet and we're maybe in the last one were and are: falconheart bluestripe scar pinefur and brambletuft. So good luck and if you did not find a mat last time maybe you will this time.

Created by: Rubyfur

  1. Your age
  2. Your Gender is
  3. You MUST read the opening paragraphs
  4. We left of were you camp was under attack by rouges right
  5. You rush into camp the first thing you see is a camp full of rouges you get pinned down before you can think straight. You forget all your training and as he is scratching you he decides to go for you leg he bites you leg you whail in pain the he twists it you can't feel you leg he goes for you throat your blackout. Who's name do you shout even if the can't hear you
  6. You find you self in the stars a cat called your name 'skybreese' 'skybreese' hello who are you and were are you? You know me skybreese sorry you know us do not threat little one you will wake up soon and all will be fine. You take a breath of relief then say you are silverstream and silverwave yes I remember why are there stars in your pelts you take a gasp then say your in starclan aren't you
  7. You wake groning finding that the med.cat is trying to soak up the blood from your wound with codwebs you can't see him and you can't seem to be able to say anything you can just groan he realises that you are awake so gives you poppy seeds to put you back to sleep but before the toms come in arguing with each other pinefur steps forward and says is she alive why don't you come and find out one at a time she would be sleeping so no loud noises OK!
  8. So when I do this _________ that means your crush insert you crush here
  9. When i do this #________# that means the cat you hate the most ok press your answer
  10. You will be able to leave and go to the warriors den in a week. Then you heard someone cry ATTACK!
  11. Stay here sparrow flight says if a attacker comes then hide you are in no shape to fight not yet!
  12. As soon a sparrow flight left a shadowclan warrior jumped in " looks like theIs pretty she-cat can't fight shadowstar will be pleased if I bring you to him"
  13. He grabbed you by the scruff and put a paw over you mouth so you could not shout for help. He took you to the leader when you realise that the deputy is now Tigerfang! The cat that has tried to kill you thousand of times but also your exiled father!
  14. Well that is it from me I will make more just a few more questions. So stay there
  15. Who do you like so far? Is it:
  16. Bye

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