Warrior Cats Love Story (she-cats only)

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Hello! I have done warriors quizzes before, but this is my first warrior love story! I am so excited. The second paragraph is ghe quiz info one, so that is the one you r e lly need to read.

Hey, okay, so you start out as a Riverclan kit named Featherkit. You end up having to choose between 3 toms, and i am not telling their names. But there will be a sequel if you like this quiz!

Created by: Featherdrift
  1. Please read the paragraph above for info!
  2. You open you eyes and see a beautuful she-cat above you. "Look everyone, Featherkit has opened her eyes!" Yoy hear a pattering of pawsteps and in come a group of kits about a moon older than you. A light brown tabby cat padded forward and bursts out into laughter. "Hahaha! Hey look everyone! She looks so funny!" The other cats padded forward and started laughing too. "Haha! Lokk at her ears! And her tail! And her large paws!" You looked around at the group and realize one of the kits wasnt laughing. A small dark grey, almost black kit with piercing green eyes, was staring at you solemnly. He padded over and sat beside you. "Hey, sorry about my friends. They are usually nice. That kit over there is Nettlekit. Dont listen to him. Featherkit, is it? My name's Darkkit." What is your response?
  3. After that whole fiasco you leave the nursery an pad around, exploring the camp. You find a queen sitting by the warriors den talking to another she-cat, her kits playing moss ball a few tail-lengths away. All besides one. You see a shy siamese kit buried in his mom's long fur. What do you do?
  4. No matter what you chose, your mother comes up to you and licks you ear gently. "Hey, how about you go and play moss ball with you sister?"
  5. You are about to go do whatever you wanted to do when the shy kit's mom nudges him over in my direction, making him pad over to me. He gets to me and manages to squeak out a, "hi, my name is icekit." What do you do?
  6. [Time skip] you are at your apprentice ceremony with all your fellow kits. After you have all been named apprentices, the crowd cheers your names. Who do you. Cheer for the most?
  7. Your first hunting patrol! You are padding along the old trail with Darkpaw, Nettlepaw, and Icepaw. Nettlepaw shuffles a little closer to you and slightly purrs, stopping himself when he realizes. What do you do?
  8. On your patrol, you see Darkpaw pad closer to you, entwining tails. The other toms scowl at him. What do you do?
  9. During your patrol, you notice Icepaw staring at you. What was thT look in his eye, longing? What do you do?
  10. [Another time skip] time for your warrior ceremony! Darkpaw is now Darkstorm, Nettlepaw is now Nettleflit, Icepaw is now Icehope, lavendarpaw is now Lavendarstep, and you, Featherpaw, are now Featherdrift. You think about all the toms, and you thinm most about...
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