Warrior love story pt1

Do you like warriors!!! I do! I've always loved warriors, but this is my first LOVE quiz. Please tell me how I did. Also, if you want to know my name, look at the first letter of every sentence in my ending paragraph.

Do you have a warrior love? Find a great to for you here! I wish I could add more results, but that would mess up the quiz. Would REALLY love feedback!

Created by: anonymous warrior fan

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  1. You open your eyes to see Greypaw prodding your shoulder. Whaaaa... "Our warrior ceremony! Come on!" He says. You think:
  2. When Winterstar leaps off the great rock, you were (your name), and the others were Reedpelt, Greyheart and Stormriver. You think:
  3. When you sit vigil, Reedpelt gives you a sweet look from Amber eyes. You are thinking:
  4. The next morning you are called to do a hunting patrol. When you come back, the three youngest toms are walking towards you. Their fur is clearly groomed. You say:
  5. They all come up to you and Greyheart says, " will you share tongues with me?" Reedpelt asks, " let's go hunt!" Stormriver asks you to go on a walk. You go with:
  6. Only answer if you chose Stormriver You walk out of camp together. Stormriver begins to take you along the river, but he cuts through the bushes. On the other side you see him in a gorgeous meadow holding a flower. " this is for you, (your name.)" You:
  7. Only answer if you chose Reedpelt Reedpelt leads you across the forest near the small caves. He says, " I didn't bring you here just to hunt. I wanted to tell you that I love you, (your name.)" You say:
  8. Only answer if you chose Greyheart You pad to the sunniest spot you can find and blink fondly up at Greyheart. He sits down and begins to groom your fluffy tail. You:
  9. Three sunrises pass and you are hunting alone. Suddenly the three toms come out of the bushes and confront you. "(Your name,) we have talked, and we all love you a lot. We want you to choose one of us. You:
  10. One moon passes and you love:
  11. Three moons pass and you are feeling weird. You go see the medicine cat, Brindlewhisker, and he tells you you are expecting kits! You:
  12. You have four charming kits. Whoever the father was, you name the first:
  13. Second:
  14. Third:
  15. Fourth:
  16. How did you like my quiz?

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