Warrior Cat Love Story 1 =^_^=

There are many warrior quizzes, but are there as many Warrior cat love STORY quizzes? Take this quiz and you'll find the purrrfect tom! I know that joke gets old but i had to say it! =D

who is YOUR tom? Is he silly? Is he strong? Is he shy? Or is there some cat else in mind for you? Well if you take this quiz and you'll find out! Hopefully!

Created by: MoonGaze

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  1. You are a new apprentice named Ivypaw! You are a silver and white tabby she-cat with aqua eyes. You are talking with your three friends, Flamepaw, Nightpaw, and Graypaw!
  2. Flamepaw turns to you. "I think we're gonna be training together! My mentor said we should meet at the Sandy Willow!" He meowed excitedly. You respond;
  3. At hunting practice Flamepaw bumps you. Flamepaw snarls, "Flamepaw! You mouse-brain!" You flick your tail to signal it was okay. In your head you think;
  4. You caught your first prey! A vole! When you return, Graypaw looks at the vole with wide eyes. "Wow! I can't wait to go hunting too! I'll probabaly catch a rabbit!" He boasted. You narrow your eyes then pad away. You feel his gaze on your fur. "It was a joke!" He called. "I know." You called over your shoulder. He shrugged and padded off.
  5. Three moons have passed and you are ending your apprentice-hood soon! You are grooming yourself with your sister, Moonpaw when Nightpaw pads over with a vole. But you could've sworn you saw him look at you at least three times with love in his gaze.
  6. Amberstar the leader announces who is going to the gathering. You, Moonpaw (Your sister!) Flamepaw, Flowerpelt, Kinktail, Stormspots, Thistlefoot, Volestrike, and Oakstep. As you head out of the gorse tunnel you see Graypaw and Nightpaw looking jealously at the cats at the gathering. But then you see Nightpaw give a warning glare at Flamepaw.
  7. At the gathering you sit by Moonpaw and Flamepaw. Moonpaw leans towards you. "When is HillClan gonna get here?" She asked. You shrug. "It takes them forever!" You meow. When HillClan come through the tunnel, a beautiful pale cream she-cat with amber eyes pads after the leader. She sits by you and the apprentice group. "Hey!" She purrs. "Hello!" Moonpaw greets the new comer. "Hey." You say. You see her looking at Flamepaw with a hungry gaze. (If you like Flamepaw you shift closer to him) (If you don't you talk to your sister more) "What's your name?" Flamepaw asked. "Flowerpaw!" She meowed as if she loved talking to him. You;
  8. (Only answer this if you love Flamepaw!) After the gathering Flowerpaw licks him good bye. He blushes a little. You growl and rush over to him. "What are you doing?! Why did she lick you?!" Flamepaw looked flustered. "Sh-she i- we were-" He was cut off by your stone cold glare. "I don't want to hear it!! You like her!" You snarl in disgust. "No! I don't! I...I like someone else..." He looks at you with a glowing gaze you couldn't resist. "Oh um..okay..." You blush and you pad away. You feel his gaze burn on your fur. You look behind you and he is smiling. You blush again.
  9. (Only answer this if you love Graypaw!) When you return from the gathering Graypaw is waiting by the thorn tunnel. He's holding a flower in his jaws. He sets the flower down and rushes off and gives you a warm smile.
  10. (Only answer this if you like Nightpaw!) When you return from camp you see Nightpaw waiting for you. Or he seems to be. You pad over and his warm gaze makes you shift from paw to paw. "Ivypaw I...um..." He stutters. "Here's the thing...i um...i've HAD..i no...wait..um.." His face gets red. Suddenly he quickly turns to you and licks your cheek before racing off so fast you had to re-check what just happened.
  11. And if you don't like any tom you just pad into camp and tell your sister about it! xD Sorry! That is the end of this quiz! But I'm making the 2nd!!

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