Warrior cat love story #1

There are many quizzes, but few warrior cat love story quizzes that are totally made up! What is a warrior cat love story? It's a story in which you choose your tom! If none of these toms are appealing to you, you are then, Casual.

Have YOU already found a tom you love? Do you like this tom very much? I can usure you that these toms i've picked out are as awesome as they come! Wait no more! For you can have your very own tom in just a few minutes!

Created by: Leopardpelt18

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  1. You are ten moons old and are on a patrol with your three friends, Flamepaw, Stormpaw, and Hawkpaw. Flamepaw suddenly moves closer to you. You notice Hawkpaw eyeing Flamepaw and giving him a warning glare. You turn to see Stormpaw not even paying attention to you. Yo feel a little hurt but not too bad.
  2. When you get back from the patrol you give fresh-kill to the elders and queens. After your done, Flamepaw asks if you want to share a mouse with him. What do you say?
  3. Flamepaw smiles at you. His bright green eyes glowing with happiness. Suddenly Flowerpaw, a cream she-cat with pale green eyes bounds over. She settles down next to Flamepaw an looks lovingly at him. Flamepaw smiles at her too. You think;
  4. Before you could say anything, (if you were mad) Hawkpaw came bounding over. "Hey, (Your name)! I was wondering if you would like to train together!" He asked happily. "Sure!" You say (if you like Hawkpaw) "Oh..ok..." (If you like someone else) Flamepaw looks warningly at Hawkpaw. Hawkpaw ignores him and bounds away towards the thorn tunnel. You;
  5. You and Hawkpaw had a lot of fun battle training together. After training he had given you a flower. He padded away happily before you could say anything. You think;
  6. Later that evening, Stormpaw asks if you can share tongues with him, you say sure. While your sharing tongues you think;
  7. After you share tongues..."I liked that, (Your name) I was...um...relaxing..." Stormpaw shuffled his paws. Was he blushing? Suddenly he sat up. "I mean...That was relaxing." He sounded more stern. You say;
  8. As you padded away you saw Flowerpaw and Flamepaw. Flamepaw quickly spotted you and said good bye to Flowerpaw and raced over to you. "Hi! I'm sorry i couldn't come to you sooner...I guess i felt bad about leaving Flowerpaw...I glad i'm with you know though!" He purred and entwined tail with you. You say;
  9. Flamepaw untwines his tail with yours and licks you in-between your ears. "Good night." He purrs and pads away. You stand there for a few moments. Then you say;
  10. In the morning, you wake up to find that, it's the end of the quiz!! I'm making another so don't worry! It will look like this, Warrior cat love story #2 =^_^= That cat face in included!

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